Report: Mini Maker Faire The Netherlands

Saturday Oct. 20th was a big day in Groningen, NL. The first official Maker Faire on Europe's mainland was a reality (Mini Maker Faire to be honest, it lasted just one day...).

Allarrrd, Masynmachien and me teamed up to host an Instructable based workshop for kids which we named Make: toys. LieveMonster-Marit, Rick and Sander joined the team to help out.

masynmachien also demonstrated his Instructable-plugging RC Blimp:

And help we needed: The day was a huge success with 3000 maybe more visitors and a very enthusiastic crowd. 52 Doodlebots360 were built by kids (we ran out of battery clips :-)), dozens of cartesian divers, Shampoo Dino's, Magic Fleas, Propellers on a stick and what not. In the same time, we tried to plug Instructables into the consciousness of the visitors. I was a bit shocked to find out that some people never visited the site before :-). 

We used mainly scrapheap stuff to make the toys from. Some essential parts were generously sponsored by Opitech and Okaphone.

Compiling: We had a great day, as well as the visitors. Making and playing with toys while meeting lots of people. Maker Faire Forever!

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IamWe5 years ago
It was the 350km trip worth. It was a great happening. Go on!! Here my video impression:
ynze (author)  IamWe5 years ago
:-) Cool! You can embed the video in your comment (hit "rich editor" first), like this:

Maker Faire Groningen 2012 from Bertoaus on Vimeo.

Your southern accent sounds great, considering you were in Groningen :-)



IamWe ynze5 years ago
Thanks, Ynze.
Me too, I had a great time. Well worth the 4 hour trip I had too.

Apart from building doodlebots with the visiting kids, I also found some time to fly one of my RC blimps at the “machinefabriek”. There was a lot of turbulence, but it was great to fly in the middle of all those other maker projects. Check out the video:

For this occasion I choose a balloon adapted from a 40” letter I balloon and marked with styrofoam compatible spray paint, using templates. As the balloon carries only about 11g, I made my lightest vectored thrust setup yet, based on a 1.7g HobbyKing servo. For steering I used two 0.3g motors at the back, pointing in opposite direction. This way there is always one propeller rotating in the direction it is designed for and one in the less efficient opposite direction, making the steering response symmetrical.

ynze (author)  masynmachien5 years ago
Just added the clip in the article :-)

Moem5 years ago
It sounds like a blast! I'll definitely try to make it the next time.
janw5 years ago
Enduring the 4 hour trip was more than worth it. Next time, I'll take my stuff with me!
ynze (author)  janw5 years ago
Oh please do!

dlcain5 years ago
Looks like you had a very good turn out. It is great seeing the kids having fun, and it looks like you had a nice selection of things for them to make. Great idea, and keep up the good work.