Repotting flower plants

I tried repotting flowers from one pot to another but they die.  I am doing something wrong. How can I repot flower plants from one pot to another.  What soils and other items do I need and is there a certain size flower pot I have to repot them in or does it depend on how big I want the flower to grow.  I want to put these flower(s) plants on my patio.  Sometimes during the day my patio has a lot of sun and other times it does not.  What is the best flower plant(s) for this. What is the best way to take care of a repotted flower plant.

Basic rules, go up 2 inches in diameter, bump up from a 4" to a 6" pot  10" to a 12" pot. Make sure you do not plant the plant any lower than it was already growing, burying the crown is gauranteed to kill it, even a little LESS deep is better.
caitlinsdad7 years ago 

The instructable can explain it in detail.  If is it not a houseplant, the best flowers are chosen based on your growing region due to the weather and climate.  Go to a real garden center in your town to ask.  Also, there are perennial flowers that come back and bloom every year and annuals that don't.  Good luck.
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