Republicans on Instructables

This group is for all of us Republicans here on Instructables. I've seen quite a bit of anti-Bush and anti-Republican sentiment on this site (particularly from our member Fenris) and I've started this group to give us a place to commiserate and discuss the issues. All the best to yous all, Sugg22

Picture of Republicans on Instructables
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You know who should be president?........................Adam savadge!!!!!!!!!!!
I agree
Yay now we control the house of r
dsman19527610 years ago
yay republicans
sugg22 (author)  dsman19527610 years ago
you are also republican? sweet!
republicans rule!( except for bush!)
w00t! Elephants also rule! >:-D Not stinky old donkeys =P
Ananand Owenmon8 years ago
elephants are pretty stinky too. Possibly even more stinky.
Owenmon Ananand8 years ago
All donkeys do are poop and sleep. On the other hand, elephants can do wonders! Like, shooting water out of their trunk at speeds of over 60 MPH! :-D
Ananand Owenmon8 years ago
Donkeys do backbreaking work actually, and they do the work others don't want to. Elephants are actually very intelligent creatures though. Shame that they are representing a group that is the exact opposite.
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