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Can someone please give me a resource to a place to buy LEDs? I really want some to learn how to work with them.

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Here is a good place to buy leds from. They arent overly bright but they are cheap.
atx5128 years ago
Hi there Guys, I have a project that i like to do , i kinda have a clue ..
but i need help in understanding how it works ,
i,m trying to find a power supply for a 800 or 500 led
that i want to make i believe it going to be in parallel
this is the spec for the led

5mm (T1-3/4) LED. Transparent, Non diffused case. 660nM, 690mCd Min. output. Max forward current 20mA continuous. Max Forward Drop: 2.0V, Max reverse Voltage =5VDC.
1" leads

and the next is find the right resistors , does all the led need a resistor parallel?

thanks for your help ..
just plug your numbers into here:


if you need a power supply, get a computer PSU
Hi all, I'm working on some LED projects thanks to all the great instructables found here. One i'm working on now is a simple sign. But i'm wondering about the design and colors. Can anyone recommend software to help me visualize my design? Or do i just need to use photoshop or something like it.
Although Irfanview is a little more basic, I have used it also along with Gimp for quick changes.
GIMP works well, and it's free.
Google sketchup is pretty useful, it's free too. You can find it here http://sketchup.google.com/
amakerguy (author) 8 years ago
WOW! thanks guys/girls that all replied that is amazing! (especially how many people replied!)
blard8 years ago
pyro-jim blard8 years ago
No that's 85p and is in the UK
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