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Can someone please give me a resource to a place to buy LEDs? I really want some to learn how to work with them.

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Here is a good place to buy leds from. They arent overly bright but they are cheap.
atx5128 years ago
Hi there Guys, I have a project that i like to do , i kinda have a clue ..
but i need help in understanding how it works ,
i,m trying to find a power supply for a 800 or 500 led
that i want to make i believe it going to be in parallel
this is the spec for the led

5mm (T1-3/4) LED. Transparent, Non diffused case. 660nM, 690mCd Min. output. Max forward current 20mA continuous. Max Forward Drop: 2.0V, Max reverse Voltage =5VDC.
1" leads

and the next is find the right resistors , does all the led need a resistor parallel?

thanks for your help ..
just plug your numbers into here:

if you need a power supply, get a computer PSU
Hi all, I'm working on some LED projects thanks to all the great instructables found here. One i'm working on now is a simple sign. But i'm wondering about the design and colors. Can anyone recommend software to help me visualize my design? Or do i just need to use photoshop or something like it.
Although Irfanview is a little more basic, I have used it also along with Gimp for quick changes.
GIMP works well, and it's free.
Google sketchup is pretty useful, it's free too. You can find it here
amakerguy (author) 8 years ago
WOW! thanks guys/girls that all replied that is amazing! (especially how many people replied!)
blard8 years ago
pyro-jim blard8 years ago
No that's 85p and is in the UK
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