Resources for Teachers

Are you a teacher, boy scout or girl scout troop leader, or an educator of another sort? 

If so, we'd like to help you out, give you a free Pro membership, and learn more about how Instructables can be more useful to you and your students. 

Just click the GET TEACHER PRO button on this page: Fill out the form and wait for the pro membership fairy to upgrade your account. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or just want to talk about project-based learning, drop us a line at teachers at instructables dot com.

Just drop an email to teachers at instructables dot com, and tell me a bit more about yourself. (Please send it from your school account, and/or link to your page on the school website so I know you're really a teacher!)  Include info on what grade and subject you teach, where you teach, whether/how you currently use Instructables in your classroom, and what we can do to make the site more friendly and useful to teachers. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Kiteman6 years ago
To all teachers - there is now an Instructable written specifically to help you use the site at school.

Click here.
MyWlakeTech3 months ago

Too all teachers... take a look at what our 6th graders have been doing this year.

Not_Tasha2 years ago

Teachers! I want to have my students participate in some of the contests this summer, but they have to do a little more legwork before I'll spend the $ they may need to make their projects happen. What do you include on your project proposals? How do you motivate students who might think they are not creative? Thanks!

i am a teenage writer and i have been using emails to teach other students how to write and the values of writing, i haven't "taught" anyone in a while, but earlier this year i had three students, two people starting out and i made a new class "experienced:" to accommodate other writers who needed help. should i make an instrucatbles/blog etc to reach a broader audience
lewsidius5 years ago
hello is this valid with home school teachers????
thanks : )
I would think it would be available to such...
The school where I teach(Art&Crafts and English) doesn't have a website. Shall I attach a photocopy of the Education Society registration papers(they're attested by the Government Education Department Board) while sending the required mail?
Just give the school's address, that should be enough.
Thank you. :-)
Kiteman6 years ago
Just a thought - how many people here are actually educators of some description?

What subjects / ages do you teach?

(Me: science & maths to age 9-13)
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