Respect the Innocence of Young Viewers

Don't Let Your Morals Down
Please don't fall victim to the desire to increase readership by forsaking morality and decency. There is no excuse for the revealing lingerie photos on a site frequented by children. There is enough of that elsewhere. Though I post little, I am a professional member who has three patents. Big deal.
I love this site and enjoy creativity, but not at the expense of innocent viewers looking at suggestive photos. I can tell from the many replies/suggestions to well-meaning contributors that sarcasm and ridicule reign above constructive criticism; so, I do not expect this post to be popular; none-the-less, just like you I have the God-given right to express my opinion and attempt to curtail the downward spiral becoming evermore evident.

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Kiteman6 years ago
Since this thread was highlighted elsewhere, I just had to make this point:

"...just like you I have the God-given right to express my opinion ..."

No, you don't.

Firstly, this is a private, commercial website, and you gave up the right to complete free speech when you signed up to the Terms of Service (which I bet you haven't even read!).

Secondly, even off the internet, you have no God-given rights to anything. You have rights that are granted by a consensus of other humans, some of whom believed they were acting in the name[s] of a variety of [conflicting] gods and god-like beings, none of which have been shown to exist.

What you do have is the site-management-granted ability to express a [relatively limited] range of opinions up to an loosely-defined point which may be re-defined at any time, in any way, by said site management.

Mentions god = Kiteman explodes into a glorious rage. I love it.

But I wholeheartedly agree.
What's the opposite of a vicar's dog collar? I should wear one of those.
I would go with covering yourself in the blood of innocents, but I assume that would be a bit too messy.
... and a bit too biblical for my tastes.
Simple: stick to logic, truth, and sense as it applies to the situation; which you have done.

Just because dog spelled backwards is god does not make them opposites, but rather mirror images (well, at last of the word itsef).  Can there be an opposite of an item like a collar?  Maybe the ankle cuff would suffice?  ;-)   Or maybe just the absence of the collar altogether.....
Maybe a colour-negative? A sparkling white shirt with a black collar beneath...
Sparkling? No Twilight allowed here!
I am proud to say I have no idea what the word "sparkling" has to do with the Twilight films/books.
nor do I.... :-)
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