Response in Answers does not show up when logged out.

In the Answers section, I left an answer in this post.
I just noticed, however, that if I am logged out, my answer does not show up, log back in and it is there again.
I also noticed that top level there is no indication that any responses have been posted, but when logged in, my response is there.
I'm using Firefox 3.6.9 on an Ubuntu 10.04 Linux OS.

UPDATE:  09/13/2010
  Now it shows up whether I am logged in or not. I wonder if others can now see it too?

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Burf (author) 7 years ago
Its happening again. I can't see my post when logged out and yet it is there when I am logged in.  Apparently no one else can see it at all.

It also isn't being logged by the top level comment count either.
I know this is an old post but I was wondering whether anyone figured out a workaround for this??? I've run into the same issue a number of time (and it seems to be localised (for a particular question/answer/post)... Recently, I replied to a question at Jan 25, 2011. 9:13 PM then noticed that when I'm not logged in the post isn't there... so I thought I would try to post it again - that post Jan 26, 2011. 11:27 AM exists again only when logged in (and I assume others can't read it)...

Workaround anyone? I wonder if I just PM the questioner???

I used chrome to post, but iexplore and firefox seem to have the same results.
Burf (author)  rocketsurgery6 years ago
Well, I never got an answer that seemed exactly right to me, so I started keeping a log of when it happened and the circumstances of its occurrence.

The third or fourth time it occurred, I decided that it is a function of the time delay between entering the response and the time it was actually allowed to post publicly. As you may know, there is always a delay as the Robot checks it for keywords or phrases, and if it makes a hit, then it is further delayed so a human can take a look at it. During that time you, the original poster, can see it but others can't.

When you are not logged in, the software does not recognize you as the original poster and it is hidden. Log back in and it knows who you are and it is unmasked.

I believe that is what was going on with me, though I have nothing that definitively proves it. You can give it a try and see if that seems to be your problem too.
I would say that this sounds spot on. I hope you'll understand why we aren't forward about letting you know which criteria we use to delay posts, and even the fact that we do. So excuse me if I was a little "brief" with my previous comments.
I believe that this happened to me last night. At first, I thought it was a problem on my end, so I reposted the comment. Then I couldn't delete the copy. Then both got deleted. Such a mess. I just posted it again, and it's only showing up in the thread while I'm logged in, invisible in the recent posts list and when I'm logged out.

My only worry is that I unintentionally violated some sort of comment criteria. I read through the rules and regulations a while ago, but alas I cannot remember every detail. Perhaps it is time to re-read it.

Link to said post:
Sorry, we had some bugs get into the system recently. It should all be cleared up.

The comment issue you're seeing is a feature. We serve up a cached page for people who are logged out. Every few hours we update our servers cache and people logged out can see the comments just fine.

Everyone logged in see a live version of the site, so any comment as it's made, will show up just fine.

If you see it while logged in, no worries, it'll show up in just a little bit of time for people logged out.

Have a great day!
So my comment still isn't showing up for anyone but me. For example, I can't see it while logged in with a friend's account. The post has info/details requested by the author of the post, so I'll just PM her with the response.

Hope this report helps.
Good luck with the infestation (bugs, get it? ;o] )

Sorry about that. All fixed. It looks like it got caught up in our filters.
Ah, I see. Website bugs can get funky like that. Thanks for the assist.
Burf (author)  StumpChunkman6 years ago
No problem.
As I said before, it didn't cause me any angst. I was just a little perplexed as to what was going on. As I have a tendency to do, I set about solving what was a mystery to me. Once I had resolved it to my satisfaction, I was no longer concerned about it. The need for such a system is readily apparent and I understand why some vagueness is called for.
Thanks for your response and your time.
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