Retro Radio Cabinet

I want to re-fit this radio cabinet with some type of sound system.  I want to preserve, or transform the display glass, and I want the knobs on the front to activate some functions (volume, tuning perhaps) I want to put some very understated LED light behind the front pillars and redo the bamboo screen.  I am just not sure which way to go with it.  I could use a car system and 12 volt adapter system of some kind, but I would really like it all to plug in with just one plug.  I need ideas.

Picture of Retro Radio Cabinet
blkhawk4 years ago
Did you use the search feature on Instructables? Plugging the words "old radio cabinet" I found a few instructables: You could try the words "vintage", "antique" or, any other combination of words.
geckodfw (author)  blkhawk4 years ago
You are absolutely right. I got so excited with the project and the resources, I pulled a huge n00b move. I really should have checked first.
Please, don't forget to make an instructable of your project! Best regards!