Rich Editor unresponsive... UGH... I think I need a collaborator.

I'm having trouble attaining the bold font in an unpublished Instructable I'm working on. It may be my Internet connect... or?  

Can someone advise me... or perhaps collaborate?  This Ible is for the Scanpan Challenge, just so you know in advance. 

lol (not really)... but I'm sitting here helpless and unable to finish/present this Ible the way I want to.

HELP... Please!?!

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Have you tried using different browsers?

Sometimes I'll have problems for a day or two with one browser and switch to another for that time.
bajablue (author)  jessyratfink6 years ago
umm... errr... I don't know what a "browser" is.... how embarrassing! 8-/

Thanks anyway Jessy!
Oh, it's okay, I can explain. It's the application you use to get online. Popular ones are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari (for Mac computers only), and Chrome.

They all react slightly differently to the site, so sometimes downloading and using a new one can help. If you google their names, you can find downloads for them. :)
I have been notifying instructables about a slow page load problem for over a week. The topic "slow page load" seems to have been deleted and my posts are gone. I have Business class (comcast) and AOL desktop 9.6 for a browser and get 30 second page loads and messages from security about 98% cpu usage by the site. I have only been using the site for about 10 days and it only worked good for 3 days and then the slow page loading came up.When will this issue be fixed? I was planning to join pro when the slow loads began. To say try another browser is NOT a good response on your part. Why not hire outside help if the present "webmaster" isn't able to make the site work with most browsers? Sometimes a second pair of eyes can find a problem the first person constantly overlooks. I saw a post about work being done on your site about the time this problem began. I am an EE and would love to submit fun things to play with, but 30 seconds per page is a waste of my time.
bajablue (author)  xteamx6 years ago
Dave... I don't think jessy is on the staff at Instructables. Just sayin'. ;-/
bajablue (author)  jessyratfink6 years ago
I get it! lol... I use Google Chrome now.

Thanks for learning me something new today. ;-)
susanrm6 years ago
On the Mac, I have found that Opera is the only browser that Instructables likes 100%. Not sure about Windows. I only use Opera to make -ibles! By the way, Safari is available for Windows too... :-)
onrust6 years ago
Ive had a simmilar problem. Ive had luck saving, closing all pages, & starting again.......... BUT, i work with a net book with an attitude!
bajablue (author)  onrust6 years ago
I've had to monkey around with "Rich" when attempting to post a clickable link. But I it didn't work with the bolding.

Thanks for trying to help me!
NYnitwit6 years ago
Private message me and I would be happy to collaborate!
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