Richard Feynman is awesome!

I finally got a better icon. I went with a picture of one of my favorite people, Richard Feynman. Does anyone else think Feynman is one awesome dude?

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mikesty (author) 10 years ago
Just because he's dead doesn't mean he isn't awesome. Wouldn't saying "was one awesome dude" imply that?
was awesome implies that he is no more...which he is not.
westfw10 years ago
He's DEAD. But yeah, I liked "surely you're joking" and "What Do You Care What Other People Think?", and even bought a set of "Lectures on Physics" in case I ever have to look at such things again. (Looking at your college physics textbooks after a 20+y career in network software is depressing. I don't even remember what all the symbols mean.)
mikesty (author)  westfw10 years ago
Why so much emphasis on the dead part? Did you have something to do with him being dead? I don't own a hard copy of any of his stuff yet, I'd like to get them soon. I'll put this B&N card to use I suppose. My favorite documentary of his was "The Pleasure of Finding Things Out" which is all over the internet.
Maybe change it to was one awesome dude?
westfw10 years ago
You just used a lot of present tense in your complements. RF WAS "one awesome dude."