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Not sure if this will work...

I found a left vs right brain test online- more specifically ,http://www.wherecreativitygoestoschool.com/vancouver/left_right/rb_test.htm. I got to thinking, and I noticed that the people who call themselves creative tend to have more instructables than those who don't- so if you use the right brain percentage as a measure (however faulty) of creativity, than maybe I could graph the relationship, and (Warning- this is far fetched) find an equation. So If you could take the test, share your right brain percentage and the amount of instructables you've written, I would Greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

(what I'll use to graph it - https://www.abettercalculator.com/c)

Hope I'm not asking too much! :)

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kentdvm5 years ago
38% left
62% right
5 instructables. member since 3.14.09
im a 10 year old boy and am not intrested in that and i dont have where o work
moneyfuskie935 (author)  Ilija Miljkovac5 years ago
You can salvage electronics parts from old toys and computers and make batteries (The way I did it) with vinegar, thin sheets of cardboard, and nickles. Most of the stuff that I do is done in 1 square foot of space in the same place where my computer, books, and tools are. If you want a secret​ place to do stuff, (which I don't recommend), then you could use a closet (preferably your own). 
Left -58%
Right - 42%

Instructables: 6 published, 2 unpublished (in process)
5 on the drawing board

member since March 2010,

In my opinion, creativity inspires projects, but it requires some structured linear thinking to write up all the steps and publish an 'ible. I create more than I publish. My son also carries th MacGuyver gene and is a DIY/builder/painter/modder but publishing an instrucatble is too much like homework for his taste.
moneyfuskie935 (author)  CatTrampoline5 years ago
That's what I've noticed!
mistyp5 years ago
4 instructables

Left Brain/Right Brain
Member since 12/2010
Left Brain Right Brain
48% 52%

i havent post any instructables because i dont have a workshop yet but i have tons of ideas
moneyfuskie935 (author)  Ilija Miljkovac5 years ago
You don't need a workshop to make stuff like wire earrings or glue made out of milk . ;)
....or, like I did at that age, make batteries out of lead sheets, paper towels, and salt water, and with a screw driver and a few "bits" one can take many a device a part and either figure out how it works, or improve it's functions.
Davo625 years ago
Right brain = 51%
Left brain = 49%

I haven't posted any instructables so far. I have planned a few but just did not follow through. Depression seems to do that, but it is much better.
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