Rising Prices! What are you doing to cope?

Wow! Prices are on the rise, and RAPIDLY! $4.00 A gallon gas, here in the good ole U.S. of A. Have you been to the grocery store lately? I haven't, my heart cant stand the strain. When my wife tells me grocery-price horror stories, I have to make her stop so I can take my blood-pressure meds. I've always been frugal, maybe even tightfisted. I'd just like to build up something I'd be proud to leave my kids and grandkids some day. (Note to Skunkson: No grandkids for at least 10 years!) Sacrificing comfort in the interest of a better future is a noble cause. But the current economy is squeezin' this poor boy to death! I am: A) Trying to get a job closer to home. B) Parking the SUV. C) Driving the crappy, egg-shell, crackerbox economy car (and the Harley to soothe my male ego). D) Adjusting the thermostat. E) Doing more with the garden and the chickens. F) Rationing my beloved Coca-Cola. So what are you doing to cope with the raising cost of getting by? Real suggestions would be best, but humour wouldn't hurt, as the only thing I've laughed/cried at lately is my plummeting bank account.

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Brennn109 years ago
Here is a few things that my family has done to deal with the economic woes:

  • We have been eating in more often, and making homemade meals more often. When we do go out, we eat at an inexpensive restaurant such as a pizza parlor, Mexican restaurant, Hong Kong buffet (to name a few).
  • My dad puts the car into neutral on the down hills which lowers the rpms from about 2 to 1 of the engine. This reduces the amount of fuel used by the engine. The speed picked up from the downhills propels us over the uphills. Very amusing, but I would recommend that you be an experienced driver if you do this.
  • My mom joined a local program which gives you a crop of different foods grown by a local farm. This supports the local farm, and we don't have to pay as much than at the supermarket.
  • We have been buying what we need; and not what we want. I have a job, and 3/4 of the money I make goes directly into my savings account.
  • Utilize coupons people! It adds up in the end!
  • My family does not buy from big name companies when we can. We try to buy the brand of the store. For example; instead of buying Snapple Iced Tea, I buy Wawa iced tea. I save $0.40 every time I go with Wawa tea, and I love Wawa tea.
  • Get a job close to your home. My job is two minutes down the road.
That is all I can think of off the top of my head. Of course, there is the energy efficiency, but my family has been practicing that before the so-called recession.

CameronSS9 years ago
Gas prices are up? I hadn't noticed.

,Yep, that's the same source image that I keep posting. I had an hour to kill with Photoshop, and I had access to my image library on here.
Truck copy.jpg
I mainly sacrifice extra comfort ..........

1) I take my car only when absolutely required ...
2) I eat slightly less (and unfortunately have lost 5 kg ...)
3) I'm thinking about sacrificing my cellular-phone to save about 12 € a month ...
4) I don't buy DVDs any more ...
5) I sacrificed many hobbies ...
6) I did not give a big present to my mother for the Mother Day (wow ! I saved a lot of money this year ! lol)
7) If my old laptop stops working (it is showing sign of near end currently), I will not replace it ...
8) and if things go worst, I'll give up and go live nude in the forest ...

Fortunately, the Internet is free for me =o)
Oh yeah I forgot !

9) I'm working on a serious project which could give me an extra income if everything goes as expected (and if my computer don't surrender) =o)

Would it happen to be a book??
> Would it happen to be a book??

Nope. Writing a book is not considered as a serious professional project here, if you don't have the required connections ...
Our publishers are very picky.
Really? Well, what about self-publishing, if nothing else through cafepress??
That's a possibility =o)
Do it! You have nothing to lose! Nada! Zip! Nothing! Just take the leap and try to sell some of your writing! I'll tell people how awesome it is! :)
But it's all in French !! lol
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