Road Accident.

People are now a day very busy. They go fast, they eat and they do everyting fast. They also drive very fast without thinking much of secuirity of own and others. Road is increasingly frequent now a day. We dont pass a day without a news of road accident. I think we have to be more careful while we drive.

I say people in the U.S. should follow in the footsteps of other countries and either take public transportation all the time or ride your bike. it's far greener, you get great exersize, and you decrease traffic. (my neighbor has taken this to the extreme, he bikes 20 miles to work every day and bikes back!!)
ilpug3 years ago
Don't I know it. People around where I live drive crazy in any weather, especially an issue this time of year when we have terrible rainstorms all the time.

People just need to learn that you simply can't drive a huge jacked up pickup truck at 75 in a curvy road in pouring rain and wind, and expect to have full control of the vehicle.
monsterlego3 years ago
Agreed, i was watching a vid on traffic in new york there was almost a crash every 10 seconds on this big intersection.