Road Rash

Alright, folks. It's story time. What sorts of crashes have you (or anyone else you know) been involved in while riding a bike? Has anything ever spectacularly malfunctioned with a motorcycle, scooter, or other two or three-wheeled monstrosity? Seen a big crash? Ever bought a bike that had been wrecked? I've got a couple of stories. Which one to tell first..... Oh, I know! One time our '39 Chief set the garage on fire. This was back in the '60s after my grandpa had bought it for my dad, for a hundred bucks cash. 20 year old collector's motorcycle for that kind of money? What was wrong with it, you ask? A lot of things. It needed restoring, and Gramps ran a hotel at the time, and, in his spare time, an Indian museum. Both of the Native American sort and of the American iron sort. Parts were found, damage was fixed, and the bike given a fresh coat of Indian Red before it was fired up. Ran like a dream. Happy, they shut it off and went to bed. Now at this time, that garage was heated by a gas heater. The cork float in the bike's carb swelled up and got stuck, continuing to let gas fill the float bowl, run out the intake, across the floor, and... you guessed it, over to the pilot light. It was a flash fire, but it destroyed the curtains on the door and put a solid layer of char on that brand new purdy paint. Not much else in the garage was flammable, so the fire died nice and quick. The next morning, grandpa and my dad got up bright and early to get to work on the finishing touches, like air in the tires and a test ride. The found quite a suprise, to say the least.

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Madrias3575 years ago
I've only ever had 2 accidents on my electric bike. The first was a bug-strike to my cheek that knocked me clean off the bike (panicked, let go of the handlebars, wind carried me backwards), the second was a bad turn going downhill where I pulled both tires off the rim and promptly ended up eating grass and dirt at about 30 miles an hour.
abadfart7 years ago
i wrecked an old Honda dirt bike by going into a slide and hitting a rock. i busted the back rim shredded my leather broke several ribs, my right shoulder, and my left knee and removed alot of skin and still bare the scars from the engine. the bike had a cracked tank lost a tail pipe busted the front fork and rear rim and need all new lights and some wiring. Eric got it running again with some parts from the junk yard and a couple of months of working in his down time
skunkbait8 years ago
Skunkpunk is pretty banged up.  He lost it on the Ninja last Tuesday night about 10 pm.  The bike is pretty rough too.  I'll try to post pics soon.
Koosie8 years ago
A while back I wiped out on my quad-bike.

I went flying and the bike rolled about 5 times, luckily not on me.

Worst damage was my helmet and arm (still scarred).
skunkpunk8 years ago

I just crashed my ninja Tuesday night broke two fingers on my left hand and my thumb on my right, and dislocated my left knee and got a little road rash. Broke off left handlebar busted the tail and headlight and bent gear shifter.

bumpus9 years ago

Prolly my friends worst wreck...
I got hit by a car, that was prolly the worst of my own...
Gjdj3 bumpus8 years ago
Haha, I'm glad this got bumped. That has to be one of the best jumps I've seen in a while. 10 feet of air is pretty impressive.
bumpus Gjdj38 years ago
It was ridiculous.
~~dumbass~~ I find your lack of intelligence disturbing...
Goodhart bumpus8 years ago
At least he didn't land no the road !
PKM Goodhart8 years ago
Things it's also good he didn't land on:

- one ankle
- his wrists
- his head
- the bike in the position he was sitting on it ("Oww! My 'Iblers!")
OWWWW! I was amazed he walked away from that one.
Rishnai (author)  skunkbait9 years ago
He did get up kinda fast. I'd have been laying there a little while...
Rishnai (author)  bumpus9 years ago
Ouch! Reminds me of myself coming off of every jump I've ever tried, with any vehicle.
KentsOkay8 years ago
I was riding my Suzzy today, and I was making a turn at less than 10 mph when THE WIND BLEW ME OVER. I was stupidly wearing a tshirt and footwear insufficient to brake my fall, so I ended up with some spectacular road rash + a sprained shoulder. Suzzy got away with a bent turn signal which I got back into order in a jiffy to get home.
Rishnai (author)  KentsOkay8 years ago
Ouch! That darn wind...
Noooooooo joke...
Whats a shame is if id been going faster it wouldna happened....
Rishnai (author)  KentsOkay8 years ago
Spekaing of viscious winds, we've had forty- to eighty-mile-an-hour gusts around here for a few days, IN THE LEE PARTS OF THE CITY. And today some genius on his sportbike was trying to ride up the street I was crossing. He got blown all over two lanes and nearly hit me... then a lightpost... then a truck... then another lightpost. Didn't hear any crashing or sirens though, so he must have made it. In the snow, no less...
Ouch, what took me out was about 50....

I have been directed to sell her though *sigh*, och intended to all along....

Fancy a new moped?
Sounds like an organ donor and a parts-bike waiting to happen!
Rishnai (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
Indeed. It was a nice bike, too. Wouldn't mind using the motor in a project of mine...
It's all right, like Skunkbait said, I am now full blown scooter trash :P
Ouch! I've been lucky and only have a small scar on my shin where it hit the handle bar during a fall. I've got a friend who has titanium bits in him to hold his leg and wrist together. Another friend is dead. If you’re riding your bike at 70km/h and suddenly a car pulls out in front of you. WAM! The impact of that collision is the equivalent of dropping from 19 meters and you are riding that bike during the fall. You take care Man.
mm thanks!
That's awesome! Now you're real scooter trash, and you have the scars to prove it! Skunkbait Jr. bought a '73 Kawasaki on Ebay last week. I'll try to post some pics soon.
That's awesome!
the Z1?
No, it's a little two stroke. He's a bit young for a Z-1.
The one on my cllarbone area REALLY hurts cuz it's REALLY deep...
Goodhart8 years ago
I remember the first time I met Mr. Black Ice on my bike....I was turning a corner and bike....hello Mr. Ice, meet my face and shoulder.......
Rishnai (author) 9 years ago
I ran over myself with my Honda the other day.
skunkbait9 years ago
Ok, Famous cycle accidents: T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia), Duane Allman, Bob Dylan, Billy Idol, Evel Knievel, Berry Oakley, George Clooney, Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Busey, Eric Estrada. Any others?
Rishnai (author)  skunkbait9 years ago
I can't think of any others, but I thought Ozzy crashed a quad? Anyway, it was the aftermath of that crash that convinced me to wear a helmet at all times that there is a risk of scrambling my brain. Which includes pretty much anything with wheels when taken downhill. I'm glad I had some padding on when I was bicycling down the sidewalk at about 30 (big hill) and hit a spot where the concrete was heaved up four inches. The bike stopped, I didn't, and I flew right into the sign part of a stop sign.
Actually, you're right. I think it was a quad.
Rishnai (author)  skunkbait9 years ago
My mom wouldn't let me near a quad for the longest time after that. My cousin clotheslined herself on a barb wire fence on a quad once, too. Big scar all across her chin, cheek, and throat, but she's okay.
My mom did the same on some lttle bike. I think it was a CT70. She hit a cable with her arms and chest 35 years ago, and swore off motorcycles forever. I finally got her on the back of a bike with me LAST WEEK.
Rishnai (author)  skunkbait9 years ago
35 years, wow. I don't blame her, though, after a wreck like that. I take it you all are keeping away from the places fences like to lurk?
Oh yeah!!
hcold skunkbait9 years ago
Bob Dylan, '66 on a Triumph 500.
skunkbait hcold9 years ago
I listed Dylan, but I couldn't remember what he was riding. He didn't even perform publicly for like 4 or 5 years after that, did he?
hcold skunkbait9 years ago
Ah, apologies, missed that. And yeah, I was really surprised by that.
skunkbait hcold9 years ago
Yeah, best I remember that was the "basement tapes" period. I think his first public show after the wreck was the "Concert for Bangladesh". I confiscated that set of records from my Dad back in '86.
FireBAT Rishnai9 years ago
Dar Robinson, the Stuntman who jumped off the CN tower in Toronto with no 'chute or airbag. He did stunts for 19 years without a single broken bone. He was just riding along after a motorcycle stunt for a movie, doing some B-Roll shots, and another rider knocked him over a cliff.
Yep, Forgot about that one!
joe9 years ago
I was riding with friends on a rainy muddy piece of singletrack, along the side of the mud puddle was a barbed wire fence. So hiding underneath the water in this puddle was a log on an angle, I hit it and fell in to the barbed wire fence. I cut me up good, all up and down my arm, back, leg and hand. It kinda sucked. Then one time I was riding a rocky trail, a rock kicked up, jammed in my spokes, then hit the back of the fork leg and thew me over the bars going full speed, that sucked.... -Joe
Rishnai (author)  joe9 years ago
Ouch, that barbed wire is vicious, sneaky stuff, especially when it conspires with hidden logs. I'll never forget the time we caught trespassers tearing up our mountain land on their dirtbikes... they were obviously trying to make it look like they'd been using the abandoned property for years, so they should have legal rights to it. They didn't count on all the rusty barb wire piles. All we had to do when we saw the tracks was to follow them straight into the wire, then go find the injured trespasser. Man, was he pissed, but he knew he dind't have a legal leg to stand on. He never came on our land again...
bumpus9 years ago
Well, hmm... Oh, I know! I got hit by a car whilst riding my bike two summers ago, I was 14, I ended up rolling over the hood, and fell off the side, and blacked out briefly... But I woke back up sitting on the curb with my smashed bike next to me, and my leg oozing blood. I had black tire marks along my arms and behind my neck. It was all good though! No broken bones, just a 3 1/2 foot long bruise that warped around my leg for 4 months! :D
Flumpkins9 years ago
Once I was riding my bmx bike dow a street with my cousin and her friend, I started pedaling as fast as I could, and I put my feet on the front pegs (I was sitting) and I let go of the handlebars for a split second, and my left leg slips and My handlebars turn, I go flying of the bike, and slid about 2 feet. Doesn't sound like much, but this was a road, and this road wasn't really paved well, it would hurt to walk on it with socks. I still have the scar today. And that was about a year ago.
Rishnai (author)  Flumpkins9 years ago
Ouch! Everyone always asks me if I ride bmx because I ride a bmx bike (that I got out of the neighbor's trash pile... straightened out the bars and it was fine), but I always say "No, I generally ride badly." One hand off a bicycle handlebar and I crash. Never had that problem with a motor. Now you've made me want to try steering my bmx bike with my feet, darn you!
Hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very funny.
skunkbait9 years ago
Wrath of the KE100!
Rishnai (author)  skunkbait9 years ago
skunkbait9 years ago
My 14 year old wrecked my KE 100 day before yesterday. I've been trying to post pics, but am having problems. THe bikes bars got bent, and his arm got scuffed. He's wearing it like a badge of honor! I'm like "Dude, just straighten out my bike, and be careful!"
Rishnai (author)  skunkbait9 years ago
Ha, that's what I do after a wreck, too! I had road rash all over the side of my face last winter when i fell off a small cliff boarding. Everyone thought I crashed my bike! My lastest badge, which should last longer than a scab, is a small piece of the clutch lever of a CRF230 that I crashed off a jump. I put it on a chain and have been wearing it ever since. Not that crashing is cool, but it does mean you were willing to push the envelope, and can make for a great conversation starter.
FireBAT9 years ago
In May, 2002, I was returning to work after lunch on my '84 CB700SC Nighthawk. It was a clear, dry, sunny day, and I was going a little too fast (60 or so on a 45 MPH road). I took a corner a bit wide, got into some graverl, and took her offroading. The bike dropped onto the right exhaust, kicked back up, fell left, and hit a pile of cinder blocks and dirt. I took the windshield off with my left knee (Luckily I had been working on it and the shield was only taped on), and caught the broken fairing with my left shin. I landed in the middle of a gravel driveway. I measured from the seat to the skid in the gravel where my left shoulder hit- 12 feet. I landed on my shoulder and the side of my head, tearing the visor and shield off the helmet and leaving 1/8" gouges in the temple. I got up, and did a quick check. Rashed leather jacket and gloves. Torn work pants. Totaled helmet. Sore spots for a few days, and a scrape on the shin. Nearly totaled the bike. In 2004, Pennsylvania repealed its helmet law. The day after, my wife and I rode our '78 Goldwing to a Bike Night at a restaurant. I took that wrecked helmet, and hung it on the handlebar with a note that said, "THIS is why I wear one." Without the jacket and long pants, I would have been scraped up pretty badly. Without the helmet, I probably would have been killed. I have never ridden without one.
Rishnai (author)  FireBAT9 years ago
Funny how as soon as you drag something on the ground, it kicks you around. I believe in optional helmets for adults, but that doesn't mean I'd be caught without one. I even keep one in the trunk of the car, just in case I'm out and about and get into something that needs a bucket. Glad I've never had to have one save my noggin like that though!
I be;eive in optional helmets for adults and no helmets allowed for drunk riders. BTW- I'm pro helmet, but the wind feels so good in my hair and beard!
Rishnai (author)  skunkbait9 years ago
"no helmets for drunk riders" indeed! Excellent idea, I shall begin pushing for it to be on the ballot immediately. Sometimes I think that there should be a "drunk drivers only" lane on the highway, where you can drive there drunk and not get arrested, but you're in between two conrete barriers with nobody but other drunk drivers. It's like the Darwin Awards meets demolition derby.
I think all bars should be required to have mopeds for rent. They should have a nice sober lady to start them for their less able patrons. No helmets allowed. The insurance should only cover any cars they scratch or dent on their way home.
Rishnai (author)  skunkbait9 years ago
I would love to see that. Some of the guys I've seen wobbling out of the nightclub district looked to be in need of a short, wobbly jaunt down the sidewalk.
"Look out for that--


newspaper disenser. Oh, you're gonna get back up? Okay. Did you mean to slalom through those parking meters? That was pretty--


Well I was going to say it was pretty slick, but now that you've dropped it into that storm drain, I'm not so sure. Oh, you got it? Okay, only a couple more blocks to your apartment. No, no, no, you need to turn right here. Not left. Oh, that's certainly interesting. Did you mean to get your left handlebar caught on that car?
FireBAT Rishnai9 years ago
Like I said- I've never ridden without one. I'm kinda worried that I would enjoy it! I've heard Asphalt-against-helmet from the inside 3 times, and it's not a good sound. I'm also a firefighter, and I work with fire companies all over the state, so I've seen more than my share of unpleasantness. Oddly, though, I've gotten hurt MUCH worse in accidents on BICYCLES. Broken facial bones requiring syrgery, massive roadrash, etc.
People think of bicycles as toys. I think of them as death-cycles. At least on a motorcycle, you have the power to get out of the way! I've fallen off more horses than I have streetbikes. Of course if you're not occasionally dropping your dirt-bike, you're just not riding hard enough!
Rishnai (author)  skunkbait9 years ago
Four of my five worst injuries happened with no engine. Three on snowboards (all but one my own damn fault, the other one I was literally run clean over by a snot-nosed kid who didn't know how to control his speed or look where he was going), and one on a bicycle. And that one was when I was just learning, hit a pothole while turning, went over the handlebars in kind of a side-roll, and slid into a tree. The only tree in the whole playground, and I hit it. I think I still have a little bit of sand in my elbow, but I sure learned about keeping control and haven't ever done that again!
FireBAT Rishnai9 years ago
When I was in 5th grade, my friend and I built a ramp in his yard. I got to test it. I don't remember it, but he said I went off the ramp perfectly, but when I landed, I hit a hole. I smashed my face into the crossbar on the handlebars, shattering the bones at the base of my nose. I college, I was riding a 10-speed down a steep hill when the rear rack came loose, and jammed into the rear wheel. I had time to say "This is gonna HURT!" before I hit the pavement! Knocked the front wheel off, broke the bars in two, and wrapped the rack around the rear axle. I was roadrashed all over. The drivers got to see an angry, bleeding mess dragging half a bicycle back up the hill.
Rishnai (author)  FireBAT9 years ago
Oh by the way, '78 was before Honda put all the fairings on it, right? I'm guessing a stripped-down Goldwing would be a heck of a go-in-a-straight-line-fast bike.
FireBAT Rishnai9 years ago
That's right- I think it was the '80 GL1100 that started to have factory fairings. Mine (sometimes) has a Vetter, and the difference in speed and handling when it is off is incredible! A 40-pound air wall hanging in front of the steering can really change the dynamics of the bike. I only put it on when it gets cold, because it IS really nice to have the protection. It's funny- the Goldwing, when introduced in 1975, was a bare-bones "Power Cruiser". then the fairings were available as aftermarket, then they just started building them with OEM fairings. The 'Wing became a two-wheeled car. They introduced the Valkyrie, which is a naked Goldwing, to get back to the Power Cruiser style. Then the aftermarket fairings appeared. Now you can get a Val with an OEM fairing. Will they have to come out with a new model that is a naked Valkyrie? (The Vikings would LOVE that!) I got to see Craig Vetter's latest experiment- it's a fully-faired scooter! I mean FULLY faired- all it needs is a roof to be fully enclosed. He's aiming for 100 MPG from a 250CC, all weather scooter. The prototype is pretty goofy looking, but I hope it works!
I saw onre of the fully faired Vals today. I was thinking the same thing! I love the power-cruiser feel (mine's a '79 XS 1100). I hate all the extra platic, until it gets in the 40's!
Rishnai (author)  FireBAT9 years ago
I was in at the dealer just the other day, just trying to keep up on what was out there, and they had two '08 Goldwings. Reminded me of two-wheel stretch limos. All they need is a clip-on TV that the passenger can watch while going down the highway... Nobody tried to sell 'em to me though. Sales dude wanted me to get a crotch rocket instead. I explained that if I'm dead, I can't make the payments. Then he tried to sell me a scooter.
FireBAT FireBAT9 years ago
My boss used to live on a very busy street corner, and a lot of crashes happened in front of her house. One day, she heard a skid and a bang, and went "Oops, annother one!" She picked up the phone, and went to the window. there was a Dresser Harley lying by the stop sign, and a man a little further on. A bit behind the bike was the man's right leg! In a panic, she dialed 9-1, and before she could push the last 1 the man stood up, hopped back to the leg, picked it up, put it back on, got on the bike and rode away.
skunkbait9 years ago
About an hour and a half ago, a friend from work wrapped his Shadow 750 around a pole. They put him in the ambulance and towed away his bike. I don't know if he's even alive, I can't leave work, and I can't get him on the phone. He asked me 6 hours ago if I could help him find a rear tire for his bike!
Rishnai (author)  skunkbait9 years ago
Oh, ouch! I hope he pulls through. Do you know how fast he was going when he hit?
I'm not sure. The area doesn't allow for a lot of speed. He always wears his helmet too. He's kinda a safety-nerd, so I doubt he was going real fast. I'll see the marks in an hour or so (when I get off).
Rishnai (author)  skunkbait9 years ago
I've seen the aftermath of car+pole, and it's not pretty. At least most of it is car bits strewn, not human bits. Bike+pole is probably worse, but with a helmet and some luck, maybe not terrible. Your friend and his family will be in our prayers.
Turned out it wasn't my friend. It was another (second shift) guy from here at work on a different red Shadow 750 (what are the chances?), and I heard he was hot-dogging. THat was the wrong bike to do it on! I saw the scrape maks on the road, about 40 feet. I didn't hear how the guy turned out, but I would've heard if it was real bad. My friend got his new tire today!
Another guy from work dropped his new Sportster (300 miles!) the same day. Two broken legs, one broken handlebar.
Actually, he may have lost it like five hours ago, and been laying there for a while. I'll post what I find out tomorrow night.
Rishnai (author) 9 years ago
At the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb last weekend, the track up above 16 mile never "set up"; it had very bad traction, and nobody was able to set a record... except for a record number of red flags in the race. The three most noteworthy ones were when one guy flipped his car at Bottomless Pit, at about 17 mile. Good car design saved him-- he was uninjured. One couple, running in the Pikes Peak Open class, missed a turn near the start of the course and hit a tree. The tree was taken down, but trees travel in packs, and the car hit a couple more before stopping. The driver was a "little" beat up, but his navigator got the worst of it, with a broken back. They both had to be MedEvaced to Denver for urget treatment. The second-worst accident was when a motorcyclist, also past 16 mile where the gravel never set up, lost control and slid into a stone wall. At first it was reported that he was okay, but apparently he took a turn for the worse and also got to ride the helicopter. It could have been worse: there are 2000 foot cliffs to fall off of instead.
skunkbait9 years ago
Do you remember the movie "Mask"? In real life, the mother "Rusty" was killed (aged 70-something) after the wheel fell off her trike and she crashed. She lived a while, but the injuries finally got her.
Rishnai (author)  skunkbait9 years ago
I don't remember hearing about that. That would suck. Talk about riding it 'till the wheels fall off!
She was a tough old girl from the sound of things.
westfw9 years ago
Someone I knew peripherally:

  • Long time Bay Area motorcyclist and friend to many, Leigh Ann Hussey, 43, was killed instantaneously on May 16th, 2006, after being run over by a truck on West I-580 near the North Livermore exit. The BMW motorcycle she was riding, apparently clipped the rear end of a dump truck, throwing her underneath the rear tires at 50 to 55 MPH. Authorities speculate she did not suffer and her death was immediate. Authorities have also stated that there were no drugs or alcohol involved in the crash. Talented singer-songwriter and Berkeley native, Leigh Ann graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in music and was very involved with the AMA and woman motorcycling. Godspeed Leigh Ann.
Doesn't sound like a pretty way to go. Consensus was that she'd have been proud to have shut the highway down for the several hours it took to investigate the accident...

Steamdnt9 years ago
I knew a man that was driving his katana at like 200mph on the high way and when he turned the bike happened to lean over the line and


he smacked his head into a mirror and popped his right eye out of the socket, after the crash he had a memory span of 30 minutes.
What was worse was he always leaned over the line when turning and numerous people told his not to
Rishnai (author)  Steamdnt9 years ago
Interesting, I was up in the mountains driving a sporty car on this road that is basically a dead end (only used by folks who want to speed and the three folks who live up there, who also want to speed) just last week, and I got passed by a line of sportbike riders, all leaning waaaay over the line. One dude had his tires on the line and his head right where it would hit my hood ornament. I slowed down and got as far right as I could (not for his sake... I just didn't want that kind of body damage to my car from this bonehead), and we just missed each other.
SOme people just can't be helped.
skunkbait9 years ago
The Goldwing I'm riding now was involved in the death of a poor innocent deer. The messed up fender reminds me of it everytime I get on. The guy that was riding it managed to keep the bike up, but when the dust,fur, and chrome all settled, I think he needed a change of underwear.
well, my friend told me about his dad's motercycle ride at 200 miles per hour (suzuki hayabusa) his dad said he saw a stop sign far away, then it came up to him really fast, and he slammed the brakes, and the motercycle just kept going, screeching for 100 feet, anyway, it's not a mishap, but no one else has commented yet, soooo.......
I used to know a guy who would see just how fast he could go, and he could go pretty fast, he hit a moose, neither him or the moose survived, and as gross as this might be they where picking up pieces of him and the moose for about a mile down the road, I know you don't even want to hit a moose in a car or a truck.... And a good tip is to tag the back of your helmet with I EVENT OF ACCIDENT DO NOT REMOVE HELMET, because if your found at an accident people will try and pull it off and will not normally think to undue the strap this can make a neck injury a lot worse, and paramedics know you have a strap and they have scissors, and your BLOOD TYPE makes it faster for the hospital ....
well, my friends dad is a pro, but it can always happen... anyway, that does make a lot of sense, helmet manufactorers should do that p.s. my friends dad said he's gone over 200 mph lots of times, so i guess he'll be alright
Pro or not I've also been over 200MPH on a controlled track, but on a highway never. Animals are unpredictable, other drivers are unpredictable, the road surface may have a defect, there may be debris on the road, oh and Cops.... Try it on a track, it might cost a few bucks but you can speed to your hearts content, and talk to the old timers at the tracks, they are full of tips and tricks that will help you out, even on mods to your bike, even where to get cheap parts, pretty much every thing...
I just don't have the will to go that fast anymore. For me, a blistering zero to 100 is about all the excitement I can handle. I had a '97 Katana 750 with Yoshi pipe and K&N intake. It desperately wanted to see 175mph, but I quit at 136. Maybe I should start wearing a helmet?
I hear you, I was at a track and it was just the right time so I said what the hell.. But I doubt I'll ever do it again.. I seem to just coast along at highway speeds...(( I don't know why every one is in such a rush all the time, do I really need to beat them to the next red light ?? ))
Oh and wearing brain bucket would help... (( and forget the track idea if you don't have all your safety equipment, they are very very very sticky about that, but I can understand why.. ))
I've got all that gear, an I make my family wear theirs, but... the bugs in my teeth just taste so GOOD! I used to look funny on my sportbike: High boots, biker jacket, cycle gloves, heavy pants, and no skid lid.
ROLMAO ... Wait till the grass hoppers come out, not only are they high in protein they leave welts where ever they hit... A few years back they where like little locusts, never mind the bike I couldn't even keep the rad on the car clean ....
I've been hit by birds, twice. One of them bruised my collarbone.
All this time and I have even hit a Swanson hawk in a Jeep, I've never even though about that, that's gotta hurt..... (( I used to work for Esso and one of the guys there hit a duck and it peeled the mirror off his truck and that cause the side window to break, we don't just drown them in tailing ponds ))
We are getting a lot of Canadian geese in the area lately. My son shot one during hunting season and it weighed like 15lbs. I'm afraid I'll startle one out of a ditch and into my way. If a swallow/sparrow can bruise, what could one of those huge honkers do?
Rishnai (author)  skunkbait9 years ago
There are some geese around here that'll stand in the road, too, and not move, so you can either hit them or get hit by vehicle traffic. They'll leave dents in car bumpers. sad, really. I'd hate to meet one of those on a motorcycle. I know what bird strikes can do to airplanes... I can only imagine a canadian goose to the face on a motorbike.
I figure 15lbs., at 70mph would be devastating. I heard of a hunter that was knocked out cold when one fell on him. It could probably break your neck if it hit you right (wrong).
Rishnai (author)  skunkbait9 years ago
And even if it didn't hit you just wrong, it'd probably knock you off the bike. And I don't want my death certificate to read "bird strike."
Yeah, "Death by Goose" would be an embarrassing way to go.
Rishnai (author)  skunkbait9 years ago
Have your headstone read "Here lies Skunkbait: He got goosed"...
well I know you don't want to mess with on the ground they can be mean, but at 60 mph, um it's going to hurt a whole lot more ... and you might watch your bike go down the road with out you on it ....
That helmet tip's a good one. If you can't take your helmet off by yourself, you need a professional to do it. I've known a couple of people who've hit deer, but a MOOSE! Yikes!
Yep and people will try to help, and there is nothing wrong with that, but if they don't normally ride a bike they don't know what damage simply removing a helmet could do to some one, and the label speaks for you when you can't... (( And the one's I've seen where done on a P-Touch label printer and they didn't screw up the helmet's looks much, but they got the point across if your standing right there ))
Rishnai (author)  Big Bwana9 years ago
Hmm, I wonder if it is best to put the label on the front or the back? (After just having painted it on the back of both my helmets)
The ones I seen are normally on the back right on the bottom of the helmet, where the other approval stickers are ...
Rishnai (author)  Big Bwana9 years ago
Excellent... then I've painted perfectly.
i'd say put it on both sides, or the top, but that's just me...
PKM9 years ago
I used to associate with a fair few bikers, mostly very very cocky 17 year olds on their first 125 scramblers, so there was unsurprisingly a lot of crashes. Notably, one lowsided while cresting a hill on a corner covered in gravel- wouldn't have been that bad (hedges by the side of the road) but he picked the one patch with a cast iron lamp post in the way, broke a wrist and banana'ed the bike. Someone else got the throttle on his KTM stuck wide open in 1st in the road outside my house, the bike wheelied itself about 25 metres but the only damage was a slightly dinged rim and the headlight cowl/speedo came off- I lent him a roll of parcel tape to fix it :) Luckily he only got a broken toe, but his helmet was completely written off, and I don't like to think what would have happened if he hadn't been wearing one (unlikely, it's UK law and he had a brain so wasn't going to ride without one).
skunkbait PKM9 years ago
Ouch! Stuck throttle! Been there, done that. I got off easy but it scared the crap out of me.
i have always wanted to get into motercycles, but didn't know how. by now i think it might be too late to be good at it(i'm 12), my friends dad (same one) showed me how to ride a mini one, but it was a very awkward experience, (not the bike, i just felt so stupid trying to ride it) can you help me?
Rishnai (author)  AnarchistAsian9 years ago
I'm actually working with a friend of mine on a how "How to Ride a Motorcycle" 'ible. Might a take a while, though. But 12 is definitely not too old. You should have seen me the first time. Took a soil sample at every stop, stalled the motor almost every time I tried to get going, and accidentally wheelied and had the thing flip all the way backwards. First thing I learned: if you're going to fall, kick the bike away! Turned wider than a cargo ship, too. That was embarrassing. But with practice, the awkwardness clears up. Well, practice, and a bike that you can touch the ground from. That was a problem for me (still is). You've got to be able to hold it up, and it has to have enough power to pull you confidently. Other than that, I suppose it's just technique. Any particular rough bits, like clutch work, or stopping, or whatever?
Really? great timing, I've been working on an 'ible about being safe as a pillion rider...
Hey that's a good idea. I've nearly dropped a couple of bikes because of pillions that were trying to "help". Also, a freaked out pillion is bad.
Rishnai (author)  skunkbait9 years ago
Very bad. We were driving (as in car... grublegrumblegrumble) to Sturgis last year, the week before bike week, since we wanted to see the motorcycle museum without big crowds (plus Bike Week is a hell of a lot less fun if you don't have a bike to ride), and saw several couples riding into town early. You could tell who knew what they were doing, and who was panicking. One woman screamed and threw her hands in the air as her husband got off the highway onto a cloverleaf. He went into it a little fast for a car, but the bike could take it. She couldn't, and it was obvious that she nearly caused them to spill it.
Yeah, my friend and I had this discussion before, a long talk after he and I were flying over the back roads and he forgot about me on the back, had I not followed suit in a sensible manner I'd either have driven the bike into the road or made us run wide of the line in to a bus, we were an inch from it both of us we close enough to lick the pavement...
Yeah, 12 is actually ideal. I've taught like 15 people to ride over the years (at least 6 girls), and most of them were over 20. None of my students have ever had a serious accident, so far.
haven't gotten to using the clutch, and shifting gears i have a little trouble with, i didn't know you weren't supposed to shift down when you slow down, besides that, i don't even know about anything past moving forward and turning, i have to go now, thanks for the help
skunkbait9 years ago
I've never had a bad wreck, but almost everyone I know (who rides) has. My cousin left a friends house on an old dirtbike. They heard him going through the gears, and then...nothing. They found him in a ditch a couple of hours later, and he woke up in the hospital 3 DAYS later. My other cousin was hit broadside by a guy who couldn't see (sun in his eyes). It broke both of his legs. My uncle rear ended a truck on his BMW and woke up in the hospital missing a few hours. That was his third and last motorcycle wreck. I sold a Honda 400 (ex-police bike from Singapore) to a guy. I lectured him about saftety before I gave him the keys. He did fine, but he loaned the bike to a friend who pulled out in front of a LandCruiser. That guy died. Another uncle of mine, has one leg that's 2 inches shorter than the other, thanks to his inability to keep his Kawasaki 250 in the upright position. I've dumped bikes off-road several times, but with no serious consequences. Fortunately, I've never lost it on the street. I bought a Honda XL 500 that had hit a van so hard the van was knocked off the road. The rider has a permanently disfigured hand because of the incident. I straightened the old bike out the best I could (it always wobbled over 60mph) and rode it for a couple more years. Motorcycle fires; don't even get me started! The most spectacular one happened inside my shop NEXT TO MY OLD CORVETTE! I shoved the flaming wreckage outside, and finally put it out. After a little re-wiring, and replacing the fuel line, it became one of my favorite rides. Hey, it was already ugly, so I didn't have anything to lose.
Rishnai (author)  skunkbait9 years ago
Oh, ouch! To all of those stories. No big damage to the Corvette, I hope? The worst street wreck anyone I know has ever been in was in '64, when my uncle was riding on the back of a friend's bike. A drunk driver hit 'em going 90, threw my uncle at least 100 feet, left one of his shoes at the scene, and threw the other 150 more. The driver was okay, and his friend was okay, but my uncle was in body cast for three months and a wheelchair for another six. Now he's pinned together in three places. I'm glad that's the only story I have where someone gets hurt that bad.
The Corvette made it unharmed, but I got singed a bit trying to get the flaming bike out. Like they say skin grows back bit chrome (and fibreglass) doesn't!
Rishnai (author)  skunkbait9 years ago
How true, how true. Things never seem to catch fire when they aren't going to cause damage, either. They always pick a bad place to go Molotov.
A couple of weeks later, I had a Yamaha 750 catch fire in the carport. That was the last straw. Now my family makes me work on bikes outside!
my friend rode a small motercycle, and my other friend's little brother ran in front of him, my friend knocked him on his butt, but he was ok