This is our front porch decoration for tonight. I wanted something a little more robotic for Halloween this year and this is what we're going to have. We just need to secure the bowl a bit more because it holds our leftovers pretty often. I just finished it up and don't have any lit up shots. I'll try and get some done tonight. Update: OK, got some night shots.

Picture of Robo-jack-o-lantern
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Kiteman7 years ago
I love the little guy's expression! He looks like a toddler who's just gotten hold of the keys to daddy's killer mech.
rachel7 years ago
It's Pumpkin-Z!

(In case Panda-Z is too obscure a reference, here's the "official" site which is an annoying flash site but does eventually show pix. The other sites I found all seem to assume you know what Panda-Z looks like. http://pandaz.bandai-ent.com/ )
fungus amungus (author)  rachel7 years ago
Oh wow, that's very similar and I've never seen it before. I've always loved the idea of some little guy causing all the mayhem. I'm glad others do too.
I've always loved the idea of some little guy causing all the mayhem. I'm glad others do too.

Yeah. You seen agent44.com? Jake Parker loves the stuff, too.
Panda-Z is so funny. I always check them out when they come into work. :D And I love the pumpkin! I have to carve some next year. This year was a poopy Halloween!
fungus amungus (author) 7 years ago
All right, I got some night shots. Now it's time to get my wolf on and hit some parties.
CameronSS7 years ago
I love the maniacal grin on the little pumpkin's face!
royalestel7 years ago
BAAAH! That's awesome! I so totally wish I'd thought of this! Love it! A tiny pumpkin controlling a giant robo jack-o-lantern??! GENIUS I say! (So can you delete this so I can publish a copy in the Halloween contest?) :)
If yours moves it's different...
Plop it on a iRobot create or something :P
Nice! Dude...... CRAZY!