RoboGames Robot Contest Winners

Instructables and RoboGames are happy to announce the winners of the Robogames Robot Contest!

With all of the fantastic robot entries out there, the task of creating your own robot army has just gotten a lot easier. We'd like to send a big "thank you" to everyone who took the time to share their knowledge and expertise with the rest of the world.

Judging was done by David Calkins, Simone Davalos, Eric Wilhelm, Robin Lemieux, Robots Dreams, and Sb.

And now, on with the winners!

Second Prize

The authors of these Instructables will each receive a Robot prize package including both Instructables Robot and RoboGames t-shirts, and a selection of robot-themed stickers.

Category: Locomotion

Category: Manipulators

Category: Brain

Category: Sensors

Category: Aesthetics

Category: Reuse & Recycling

First Prize

The author of this Instructable will receive a RoboPhilo Walking Android kit! Plus the Robot prize package including both the Instructables Robot and RoboGames t-shirts, and a selection of robot-themed stickers.

by 4mem8

Grand Prize

The author of this Instructables will receive a trip to the June 2009 RoboGames in San Francisco, CA! Includes airfare for one from anywhere within the continental US, 4 nights in a hotel near the event, and VIP access/entry fees.

Experimental Robot Platform
by societyofrobots

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fungus amungus (author) 9 years ago
Winners will be contacted about their prizes within the next couple days.
when are they going to send the prizes out? thanks
Congratulations to all
Goodhart9 years ago
Excellent job all ! I never did get my "idea" solidified, so maybe by next time around ;-)
zap543129 years ago
Wow! Such talent!
comodore9 years ago
4mem89 years ago
Hey, Many thanks to all the organizers and judge's for this competition and prizes. I can't wait to get Robophillo. Thanks again 4mem8
aeromancy9 years ago
Congratulations to everybody, and great job!
Bran9 years ago
Great job everyone!
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