RoboGames this weekend!

Hi everybody! This weekend in San Francisco, robots and their makers will be congregating at Fort Mason for the fantastic event known as RoboGames. RoboGames is sort of like the olympics for roboticists, featuring events such as Autonomous Fire Fighting, Kung Fu, Bartending, and a crowd favorite: Combat Robots. This will be an epic event, I'll be out there for sure! See you there!

Here's a video of the Combat Robots from Maker Faire this year:

Also, keep in mind that Instructables is holding its Instructables and RoboGames Robot Contest where you can win a chance to go to RoboGames 2009, among other prizes like a RoboPhilo android kit!

Picture of RoboGames this weekend!
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4mem89 years ago
Wish I was there, Damn New Zealand is so far away.
Lftndbt 4mem89 years ago
Don't worry your not the only one. Australia here...
4mem8 Lftndbt9 years ago
Yeah, It;s a bummer it's so far away.
Patrik9 years ago
Looking forward to it! If anyone wants to meet up - I intend to be there for all of Saturday (noon-10pm). Possibly some of Sunday as well, although that seems doubtful so far. I remember food options at the even were rather pitiful last year (the hot-ironed dogs were... interesting...), so perhaps we can all meet for dinner at some point? I'll make sure to wear my Instructables Robot T-shirt! (Hm... better check that laundry basket...)
bradpowers (author)  Patrik9 years ago
That sounds great, I'll be there handing out goodies and taking pictures and such. See you there! p.s Dinner sounds good as well.
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