Robot Antics - Please Explain

I just found these!!! What is Robot up to?

Actually, they're sketches for our next contest icon. Any guesses what that means?

Picture of Robot Antics - Please Explain
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Goodhart9 years ago
How about we develop games Robots would like to play....since we have so many that involve robots that WE like to play :-)
uguy Goodhart9 years ago
Robots would like to play. Robots have emotions such as like.
Goodhart uguy9 years ago
Like, desire, need, have need of, whichever fits best :-)

here is another game some computers like to play:

I loved that commercial.
ahhh yes. the rube goldberg honda accord introduction commercial. one of my favs
maybe this guessing game IS the beginning or first iteration of the game Robots like to play on humans ?
Or maybe taking out the emotions of the human for the robot to experience...
I thought these were for the next contest? :-O
westfw9 years ago
I've been reading Asimov's robot stories to my son. They've become very ... surreal. Especially jarring, given what really happened, is the portrayed failure of technology to propagate - four supercomputers do all the computing for the world, and the positronic brain remains the exclusive property of US Robots & Mechanical Men for 50+ years.
iman westfw9 years ago
I love Asimov's books :)
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