Robot Shirt Hall of Fame!

Hey Guys!

One of my favorite things to see while I'm pouring over projects on the site is images of makers wearing their Instructables T-shirt while they are making stuff!

So today, I am reaching out to YOU, YES YOU!!! to post your Instructables Robot -T-shirt-Selfie to this forum post. I would like to make a mosaic of all you lovely makers out there reppin' the robot. (and possibly put it on the homepage rotator behind the "let's make_______")

The Instructables Community is totally amazing, and I can't wait to see you in your Robot Shirt.


Picture of Robot Shirt Hall of Fame!
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Winged Fist3 years ago

Here's a picture of me sporting my robot shirt and holding my most complex build to-date;-)

cammers3 years ago

my workshop uniform...

antoniraj3 years ago

My son, a Mechanical engineer working with a wind power company, assembling the RepRapPro Huxley 3 D printer. (Judges' Prize from Instructable for Portable Laminar Flow Hood in Build My Lab Contest


Pop-art picture of me and my first robot t-shirt :)

macgeek3 years ago

Me in my Lab.

audreyobscura (author)  macgeek3 years ago

Loooookin goooood! Thats how I wield soldering irons too.

audreyobscura, it works best if you also cross the two 110 v lines.....JUST KIDDING ! (gee I hope no one actually does that)

Adds new meaning to "arc welding"

Goodhart3 years ago

Wow, I have missed so much while being away....IF it isn't too late, I want to post some of mine, plus one that is very VERY near and DEAR to me....the most special shirt I own, and because it is so special, I NEED to keep it preserved, so this will be only the second time I put it on, and I won't be "wearing it out" as it means WAY too much to me.

Ooooh, some of the "regular" ones are in the wash...but I will get a shot of the "special" one.

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