Robot Shirt Hall of Fame!

Hey Guys!

One of my favorite things to see while I'm pouring over projects on the site is images of makers wearing their Instructables T-shirt while they are making stuff!

So today, I am reaching out to YOU, YES YOU!!! to post your Instructables Robot -T-shirt-Selfie to this forum post. I would like to make a mosaic of all you lovely makers out there reppin' the robot. (and possibly put it on the homepage rotator behind the "let's make_______")

The Instructables Community is totally amazing, and I can't wait to see you in your Robot Shirt.


Picture of Robot Shirt Hall of Fame!
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Here's a picture of me sporting my robot shirt and holding my most complex build to-date;-)

cammers1 year ago

my workshop uniform...

antoniraj1 year ago

My son, a Mechanical engineer working with a wind power company, assembling the RepRapPro Huxley 3 D printer. (Judges' Prize from Instructable for Portable Laminar Flow Hood in Build My Lab Contest


Pop-art picture of me and my first robot t-shirt :)

macgeek1 year ago

Me in my Lab.

audreyobscura (author)  macgeek1 year ago

Loooookin goooood! Thats how I wield soldering irons too.

audreyobscura, it works best if you also cross the two 110 v lines.....JUST KIDDING ! (gee I hope no one actually does that)

Adds new meaning to "arc welding"

Goodhart1 year ago

Wow, I have missed so much while being away....IF it isn't too late, I want to post some of mine, plus one that is very VERY near and DEAR to me....the most special shirt I own, and because it is so special, I NEED to keep it preserved, so this will be only the second time I put it on, and I won't be "wearing it out" as it means WAY too much to me.

Ooooh, some of the "regular" ones are in the wash...but I will get a shot of the "special" one.

You could just lift them from your image labrary, way back in 2008.

matson231 year ago

heres another instructables t-shirt picture for your wall! :)

14, 11:11 PM.jpg

I LOVE my navy shirt!

InSelfie1 (617x1024).jpg

Apparently I love it so much I had to show it twice ;-)

Shows how long I have been away ill, that is the first blue one I have seen. That really allows Robot to be seen well, and blue is such a great color anyways.

kcli1 year ago

My dad (Jim@Boulder) died 2 months after winning his apron, and he was so PROUD of his accomplishment. I treasure his smile in this photo!

Carleyy kcli1 year ago

That's such a fantastic picture!

Build'n and wear'n.


Cool! What gun is that? :-P

Just curious.


mazzmn1 year ago

Here I am trying to fix something with a flashlight screwdriver...in my favorite teeshirt

audreyobscura (author)  mazzmn1 year ago


seamster1 year ago

Here's a picture of me shooting off model rockets with one of my kids.

may rockets 011.JPG
audreyobscura (author)  seamster1 year ago

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

darman121 year ago

I'll post one as soon as I can think of a creative picture... in a day or two.

I didn't think of it until now but I have no makeup on. Oh well, that's about as real as it gets for me. They were taken with the phone camera so not the best clarity. Teal is my favorite color next to pink! I need a pink one next time! =)

Fun topic!

DeandrasCrafts in Robot shirt.JPGDeandrasCrafts in Robot shirt2.JPG
audreyobscura (author)  DeandrasCrafts1 year ago

Awesome! I didnt know we had teal ones!

babybayrs1 year ago

Here is a pregnant women wearing the robot shirt on her bump.


Haha, that's cool!

Kiteman1 year ago

Here's a thought; make the images into a real, printed mosaic on a board (put a big title on it "Our Community").

If you go to Maker Faires, take the board along, and folk in the images can sign their pictures. In between faires, the board can stand at the Pier, for visitors to see and sign.

Sounds aawwessome! :D

scooter761 year ago

Instructable aprons rock

audreyobscura (author)  scooter761 year ago


Lango841 year ago

Here is a pic of me in my shop wearing a mask of myself (a work in progress), and my favourite robot tee that I received for making instructables on my masks, while hovering over a commission of muppets!


They look so scared from that angle!

Haha, good point. They have no reason to be though! : )

Oh, that's awesome!! Robot loved the camera, so he sneaked in the picture three times!

audreyobscura (author)  emilyvanleemput1 year ago

IT was hard to find the third one, Thanks for sharing!

I almost gave up on the third but found it! Love the pink shirt Emily, that's my favorite one I have!

Yes, I love it! and basically it's the one I don't float around in :) I actually didn't see the third robot before looking back at the picture on my computer!

Jayefuu1 year ago

I found two!

One's Bilal, Sam and I in that bike bar that closed down. The other's in Spain.

(This new image upload is SO MUCH BETTER!)

matson231 year ago

heres my robot t picture, in my latest project, from fallout3 the t-45d helmet(still got to finish the pipes!)

macgeek1 year ago

Here is a Question, how do we get a NEW clean sparky Robot shirt, Mine has burn holes, acid holes, tears, rips, solder, cold solder paste, and food stains!

Take a selfie with the ragged shirt on - take pride in the Maker Mileage!

audreyobscura (author)  macgeek1 year ago

I think I can make that happen....

2XL - Green, superhydrophobic coated, Please.

Sweeeet!!! - THANKS!!!

Kiteman1 year ago


I can't attach any images to this topic (I just get an error message), but feel free to use your admin powers to furtle through my image library - there are a few shots of me in Robot shirts, and a couple of my boyd

audreyobscura (author)  Kiteman1 year ago

which browser are you using? did you try clearing your cache then posting an image?

Clearing cache didn't work.

Let's try a computer that has not been used on the site ...




I have so many photos to sort through...

2012 23:32.jpgphoto 3(1).JPGphoto 1.JPGDSCF7199.JPGDSCF6946.JPGThe-Strange-Case-of-Origami-Yoda.jpgphoto 3.JPGDSCF6472.JPGDSCF6470.JPG
mygibzone1 year ago

sporting the Robot in the kitchen :)


Me and Robot rockin' the homemade keytar.

786Ayesha1 year ago

Wow! really cool.. Is there a dead line to post...I am out of town...

audreyobscura (author)  786Ayesha1 year ago

Nope. Sooner is better though.

Here's one of my three robot tees!

audreyobscura (author)  anoukkantelberg1 year ago

YUS! So great! Thanks for sharing.

faiza0071 year ago

wow..thats a cool idea..!!

ajleece1 year ago

Here's one from July 2011.

audreyobscura (author)  ajleece1 year ago

Perfect! Thanks!

Instructables Author shirt scored at Maker Faire 2013, and a little glass melting to boot;p

audreyobscura (author)  Pickledkitty1 year ago

That's amazing! I want to delve into glasswork really bad, but i feel like it has a high barrier to entry. Keep posting glass projects! They are so rad.

oh, wow this is exciting! when's the deadline of posting the picture?

audreyobscura (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz1 year ago

whenevs, i was just hoping to get a bunch.

Mr.Sanchez1 year ago

My Favorite T Shirts, and more to Come !!

Jayefuu1 year ago

Some of the UK iblers from 2010 here:


Pretty sure gmjhowe has loads more photos too.

audreyobscura (author)  Jayefuu1 year ago

Have any tighter shots?

I didn't take the photos but you could email Kiteman, PKM or Gmjhowe and find out.

There we go!


Yaaaaayyyyy! I'm going to have to find my first robot shirt and take a photo in it. :D

(warning, it is old and REALLY ugly these days)

I know where my first one is too! I should find it :) I wore it on my first day here!