Robot arm help?

A while back i saw an instructable that was a wooden robot arm it had a main arm and a second smaller one. the smaller one had a handle that allowed you to move it. you moved the smaller arm to program the larger one. anybody know what i am talking about?

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caitlinsdad6 years ago exoskeleton from here?

You can search on animatronic hand for other ibles or try grabbers.
pattyshaw (author)  caitlinsdad6 years ago
i wish i could explain it better it had a small arm that would track its movement then the larger arm performed it
Analog or digital?
kelseymh6 years ago
You're looking for a pantograph. It appears that there are several I'bles on the subject.
pattyshaw (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
That is not it but i was able to find what i was looking for
I plan on adapting this to a project of mine thank you thouhg