Robot dog illusion

After posting about the 50 papercraft robots I couldn't help but print out the robot dog illusion and make it. After all, it's a robot dog version of the dragon illusion that I've been meaning to make for years now (and still haven't). It only takes a few minutes to put together so check it out.

SuperRobot Dog Version!

Picture of Robot dog illusion
XOIIO4 years ago
It kind of reminds me of L9 from doctor who, couls probably make one:) How do you make this?
PAWZ XOIIO4 years ago
Ha ha I think the dog was actually was called K9, as in "canine"!
Hiyadudez PAWZ4 years ago
It was most likely a typo. He pressed L instead of K, after all, they are right next to each other.
PAWZ4 years ago
 I have always loved the Dragon illusion and it took me years to find a skeleton one that I had seen somewhere. This robot dog is a great one to add to my collection, so thanks :-D
Hopefully, if I can add pdf's to this comment, here are the others I have, for you and any other fans of this illusion, including one that I found, that somebody has made from a photo of their own dog, which gives others the opportunity to do the same with their own dogs, assuming the head is the suitable shape, mine isn't sadly as she has a flat face :-s
Blue dragon.pdf(1150x1514) 243 KB
Red dragon.pdf(584x768) 564 KB
Green dragon.pdf(584x768) 576 KB
Skeleton.pdf(612x792) 146 KB
PAWZ PAWZ4 years ago
 PS. I had an attempt at making a Evil Monkey one from Family Guy, where his pointy finger also followed you, as well as his head, but never finished it as I made the job a bit too difficult by trying to make it a one piece cut-out, like the dragon! Its nearly there though, maybe I'll finish it one day :-)
XOIIO PAWZ4 years ago
Sweet! I would love to see that!
Please post an ible if i works out :)

I'd love to make one of those :D

I'm pretty sure you'll get featurred for it to :D
XOIIO4 years ago
 That is so cool. I really didn't understand it until the 10 time I watched it. I showed it to my coworkers, they thought it was CGI!
Emsaid4 years ago
if you make it, it works best if you close one eye
lemonie Emsaid4 years ago
Like the camera, yes.

nickodemus4 years ago
Whoa... That is cool and super-creepy.
Kryptonite4 years ago
I've had the dragon in my room for the last two years. It still creeps me out!
M.C. Langer4 years ago
Wow!!! Amazing!
JonathanTD4 years ago
Thats really wierd.
zascecs4 years ago
 I always wonder how people come up with the design in the first place...
That is spectacular... 
n8man4 years ago
 Wow, this is great. Usually I can figure out illusions like these and make not appear as illusions but I can't with this one.
Pure Nightmare Fuel!
Kiteman4 years ago
That was printed in an edition of a Dr Who comic a couple of years ago.