Robot goes on an airplane!

Robot and I went flying the other day, so we took a picture together. Whenever I wear it out in public, I hope somebody will come up to me and say that they're a member, too. Hasn't happened yet. I look a tad bit tired(/retarded)...since i'd been flying all day. EDIT: Yeah, I look really retarded in that picture...but at least Robot looks groovy!

Picture of Robot goes on an airplane!
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Lftndbt10 years ago
NIce.... very nice... Just a heads up.... Had my first time the other day... Whilst discussing designs on various things with a work mate.. I mentioned a coffee table I saw on instructables.... Which lead to a conversation on how he also was a member.... Had NO idea he was into that type of stuff.... so it was a pleasant suprise..;) I'm in AUS, so the Instructable's phenominum has definatley spread Down Under...! Joy Joy! :) Is that shit a home made?? pardon my ignorance.... or is it through the site? I soooo want a robot shirt...!
Weissensteinburg (author)  Lftndbt10 years ago
It's from instructables. They have a store, or you can win one in a contest.
awww shops closed
Kiteman Lftndbt10 years ago
You're allowed to download the various Robot images and print your own shirt, just don't sell them.
Lftndbt Lftndbt10 years ago
Shit = shirt.. te he!
Kiteman10 years ago
Robot's looking a bit travel-worn, you'll have to win yourself another.
Weissensteinburg (author)  Kiteman10 years ago
Mom forgot that he isn't supposed to go into the dryer...
And to think I panicked when Kitewife handwashed him in hotwater instead of cold like the label says!
Pretty old comment, but do you know the right way to hand wash clothes? I know I don't.
I do, because I pre-date front-loaders, tumble-dryers and teflon-coated clothing.
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