Robot not sending me notifications? SOLVED !!! (as_a_work_around)

"For the past month, I have not been receiving notifications for questions I have asked, or comments on my instructables. They do seem to appear in the orange board, and I have checked my settings for email notifications twice on different computers to verify it is not just me."

Come On  AUTODESK  put some resources on this snafu !

I do get Best Answer and featured projects

Picture of Robot not sending me notifications?  SOLVED !!!   (as_a_work_around)
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iceng (author) 2 years ago

I want to Congratulate the code-monkeys on copy & insert text which seems to be working, Kudos people ! !

It would also be interesting to learn where they are chained in some secret dungeon or in a vacated sub under the bay, we never hear much about their labors. There certainly are plenty of us who could understand generalities of programming efforts and certainly some could learn from real life experiences if not from lines of code per curmudgeon per fortnight :)

antoniraj iceng2 years ago

copy & insert text works for me from long time ago. Sometimes I make the descriptions in plain text document or in a word document then copy / paste in the steps as required. Was it not working for you earlier...?

Oddly, copy/paste works for me at home, in Firefox, but if I use a school computer I have to re-type quotes & URLs by hand.

Kiteman, typing all those quotes & URLs is a back-breaking job. This is due to Java plugin and not due to those guys in the dungeon. In your school computer, java or its updates might have been disabled. Try this at your school computer

Go to control panel, where you can find the Java icon.

Right click and then 'Open'

Click 'Advanced' and see 'Default Java for Browsers'. you may find Microsoft IE is already selected. If you use other browsers, enable it here or option like 'Mozilla Family'

Now copy paste should work for you. If not enable 'Show console' which is just above 'Default Java for Browsers' under 'Java Console'

If this option also not working, then Click 'Updates' on top and then 'Update Now' in the bottom right of the window.

I hope this should solve your problem

antoniraj2 years ago

It was the same with me (and still is) . I did a little modifications to the settings and it works now with a little bit delay.

Go to you Page, settings and email alerts

You might have marked all those notification like Comments, Messages and following as "As they are made"

Now change it to "Once an Hour" and save settings.

In my case it worked and I am getting notifications after about an hour. Changing the settings back to "As they are made" still does not work

iceng (author)  antoniraj2 years ago

Trying it now. WOW WOWIE WOW SUPER

You sir have solved a month long problem when HQ only served up platitudes.

I am sending you a well deserved patch and so should the wizards at HQ.

Gratefully appreciated.

makendo iceng2 years ago

Also worked for me; got emails within a hour saying I had 54 new comments and 9 new messages. Interestingly, it looks like some of the alerts have never worked (those associated with contests). Thanks!

iceng (author)  makendo2 years ago

It is fun to suddenly receive long lost communications from the way way beyond :-D

iceng (author)  makendo2 years ago

Glad for you :-)

HQ Code-Monkeys are too busy on something else to care about us..

This is fantastic news! I am sending him a patch as well.

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