Robotic Girlfriend

Japanese marketers are targeting "lonely adult men" with their newest development: a robotic girlfriend. Reminds me of this, a product from a few years back.

[ Link] via Neatorama

Picture of Robotic Girlfriend
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Me'ah so rohnrey... Why is it so small? I can imagine a small robot boyfriend for lonley women :) How the hell is this supposed to work? LOL
KentsOkay9 years ago


Not enough money eh?
Uhh no just a, that's a bit weird...
Eh, right now a cat would be more of a girlfriend, they at least are good portable heaters. Maybe better than a girlfriend as they clearly indicate when they want to be petted now.

What's so weird about a comic book rendition of a woman in a powered battle suit? Now if the helmet came off and there was a human face under there...

Nah, weird would be if it was programmed to talk to you with certain phrases. Like "Oh yes, work it baby!"
xanxor9 years ago
thats a hot ro-bot
skunkbait9 years ago
Geek chicks are hot!!! Robots, not so much..
Wyle_E9 years ago
Now, if they can just scale her up and create a joint venture with Abyss Productions (Google 'RealDoll')... Excruciatingly high-maintenance, of course, but probably not much worse than the traditional approach, and a working Mute button would be worth the difference.
bumpus9 years ago
*keith-kid twitches in his chair, now that he has realized his wildest dreams have come true*
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