Robotic Snakes on a...

Pretty soon the TSA will have a new threat to deal with...
Robotic Snakes On A Plane!

They can climb up walls, stairs, go snooping for people, get through a chainlinked fence, they're pretty much unstoppable. But most impressively is the snake from Hirose Labs in Japan, it's pictured below, and that mofo can actually swim.

It's beautiful, and amazing to watch this biologically inspired robot move, check it out:

Clearly these robots are going to be very agile and useful, some researcher used his to walk the ring down the isle at his wedding... creepy? Yes. Awesome.... also yes.

Let's see how many uses of robotic snakes you can come up with! Go:

Picture of Robotic Snakes on a...
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That is thing awesome!
Wow, that made me look stupid. :/ I'd love to have one of those.
lamedust (author)  Spl1nt3rC3ll9 years ago
Let this robot inspire you... not make you feel stupid!
Folin19 years ago
Well I Say I Need A Few Of These And That They Would Be Useful For A Lamp, Beverage Retriever, Finding Lost Jewelry In A Pool, Others.
LeumasYrrep9 years ago
Sweet!! I want one. No, not one TWO!!!
HOLY... awesome I want one of these so bad. so i can spy on people with the camera in the front unless its a ultra sonic detector i don't know. very awesome will these things come on the market ever ya think?
=SMART=9 years ago
damn i know what i want for my birthday ! this thing is soo cool, and it swims !!
lamedust (author)  =SMART=9 years ago
It probably swims better than I do! /me laughs! -bg
hahahaha :D
I think that you could use for searching for survivors in collapsed buildings and such
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