Robots Rock Out

Add rock musicians to the list of professions in danger of being taken over by robots. This video shows The Trons, a robotic rock group, practicing their music. They take the term "garage band" to a whole new level.

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Picture of Robots Rock Out
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Z1ggy8 years ago
robots rock out with their sprockets out? :)
2d1228 years ago
The humans are dead!! Dun dun dun dun dun!! The huumna are deeaad!!! Haha
tech-king9 years ago
i saw something like this in disnyland, but the robots were banging on stuff
wheneer anyone says the title above I think of robot rock by daft punk. As of this time techking has posted on every topic on this page recently. I suspect is gorillasmiko' falt for encouraging him
Ruins perfect streak
actually, i still managed it a 8am easter time zone