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A couple weeks ago my oldest brother that doesn't live at my house anymore brought over Rock Band and I loved the drums they are the best instrument in the game so i was wondering what you're favorite instrument is.

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builder9688 years ago
Drums on Medium, guitar on hard(most songs, I can play all on medium, and some on expert), bass is the same, and singing on expert if I know the song, but if I don't, then medium.
Vynash (author)  builder9688 years ago

In guitar hero I can play alot of songs on expert on drums

every on expert guitar.
peach_fart9 years ago
im best at guitar. i suck at drums i only get like 60% on easy. maybe its because im white so i have no rhythm?
better at drums :D got about 95% once
lol. i dont think i should laugh,but look at it this way:im white, too.
i slowed down with the sticks and now i get like 80%.
Vynash (author)  peach_fart9 years ago
awwww that smells but im white too lol but that dosnt mean anything
canida8 years ago
The drums are hardest, at least for me! I can play them without dying on Easy (provided it's not a killer song), guitar on medium, bass on hard, and can sing on expert if I know the song.
Being good at multitasking pretty much determines how good you are with the drums.
Vynash (author)  canida8 years ago
that stinks guitar is easiest but i find drums pretty easy
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