Roger Boisjoly dies at 73; engineer tried to halt Challenger launch

The death of an Engineer of the highest calibre.


Picture of Roger Boisjoly dies at 73; engineer tried to halt Challenger launch
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lemonie4 years ago
My friend's mother died on Saturday, she wasn't an Engineer of the highest calibre though.

Aron313 lemonie4 years ago
Sorry to hear that.
lemonie Aron3134 years ago
Thank you - these things happen, that was the point.

shame he's gone for a burton
popmircea4 years ago
He will be somewhere where it is no pain at all. No genius are accepted by their country. That it is a real fact. Sad but unfortunately too real.
bajablue4 years ago
F*(expletive)*ING bureaucrats. This is an outrage.
iceng4 years ago
Politics trumps engineering safety, sad and true.
What is even worse, nobody seems to learn from the "speed at all cost" mistakes of the past. Most catastrophic engineering failures such as bridge and structural collapses are preceded by workers being ordered to cut corners for the sake of deadlines. Even many places I have worked have the policy that there's not time now to do it right, so we will just fix it later. Too many supervisors have confused real life with television dramas and movies.

Okay, I'll get off my soap-box now. But I will still yell at the TV
hotmetalmel4 years ago
I remember watching that (in real time) during my 6th grade science class. '86 was a big visual year... 12 days later I saw Haley's comet. Whats sad is in my lifetime (so far) I've seen 2 (too many) schuttle explosions.
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