Roland JWX 10 Milling Machine

I currently have a Roland JWX 10 Milling Machine for sale.  It has been used MAYBE 3 times and has the ProtoWizard software along with all manuals.  Will gladly email pictures to serious inquiries only.

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RafiA32 years ago

where is the machine located and what condition its in let me know thanks

you can call me or whats up me at +66876781346

RafiA32 years ago

I interested can you send me recent machine photo

nodink4 years ago
I bought 2 bigger mdx 40 fourth axis for a lot less, with a warranty. I would like to get a Jwx 10 But, I can't find used ones that were priced right. That is why I bought the mdx 40. After I bought them I found out how much more it would do. The prices are dropping on new and better mills and proto typing machines. Good luck finding someone.
HillCD2012 (author) 5 years ago
We're asking $12,000 but will consider any offer.
how much?
kelseymh5 years ago
Moved to "For Sale."