(Romantic) Post Office Art

After seeing hay_jumper's post office art and revenge of the post office art instructables, I decided to give it a whack. Just so proper respect is given where due please note that l read hay's instructables once and remembered the ideas several months later that's how awesome this idea is.

I wanted to make a creative valentine's card for a special friend who happens to be very very talented at all that creative stuff that I tend to suck at. I figured the best way to impress her was to FAKE IT!

I basically copied what hay did except l most importantly used a heart-shaped fence to make a specific shape and a (much) smaller stylus than his second project. The pictures should explain most of this madness. The stylus was made with two square layers of foam i cut and PLENTY of glue (in between layers as well as in/around pencil holes.

Aftermath: I decided to send it anonymously and she called the middle man (who I used to add further anonymity as well as shipping time) and told her how awesome it was and asked for my phone number. THIS SHIT WORKS, GENTLEMEN. TAKE NOTE!

Picture of (Romantic) Post Office Art
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hay_jumper9 years ago
So how has this endeavor worked out? Did you get the girl? Should I cancel my Instructables? I'm very grateful for your credits, and I hope it worked out well for you.
zoundsPadang (author)  hay_jumper9 years ago
Wow. Kinda forgot about this project. Turned out that she really loved the entire idea and did say yes but we (yes mutually,) decided that we just arn't right. Still one of my better friends. She has it up in her window, but only the heart part. I havn't gotten to see the actual paper. Next time i'm at her house I'll try to snap a pic for you guys but what with school it'll be a while.
Kiteman9 years ago
If you're fast, you can get this into the Love contest.

Or you can at least show us the result.
zoundsPadang (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
Thanks for the tip and Ill post the result if i get the chance... currently it's 200 miles away with a girl I won't get to see for a while.
hay_jumper9 years ago
You have learned well, Grasshopper.