Rotary Tool neck thread size

I have several ideas for rotary tool accessories that would make my life easier, but they would have to be attached at the neck. So I need to cut out a hole, and tap it out to the right thread size. Anyone know what that is?

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you could take the stock collar ring into the hardware store and try out various Bolts to see which fits. once you find that, you could buy one and use it to cut threads in your material (cut a slot down the side across the threads with a file, then slowly thread it in, back it out, advance, back out, until your threads are cut). You can find YouTube videos on thread cutting, but as far as your thread size i think that's your best bet - just take it right to the hardware section and see what works.

GarryF12 years ago

I know this is old but he sure seemed to have a difficult time getting an answer to a simple question.

Spindle nose on Dremel is either 3/x12 or 3/4 x 16 with the 3/4x 12 being the most common. I had a rotary tool made by Dewalt/Balck and Decker and it was also 3/4x12.

well, ive found m12 to be just too big, and m10 just too small, so M11, however m11 is a bit strange, so ide asume its whatever stupid imperial equivalent falls within that range.
That is what ive come to understand based on my RTP-163
crazypj4 years ago
I know this is absolutely ancient history, but, I measured Dremel shaft, it appears to be 0.279"x 40tpi which equates to 9/32x40
Thread angle is 60 degrees
I need to make a mandrel to hold a chuck I bought for Dremel did anyone ver find a supplier of taps and dies this size?
Haven't measured where the guard fits
bezaleal5 years ago
A Typical Chinese origin rotary tool, circa $30 (SCA, SuperWorks, ozito 921K etc.)
the neck thread or shaft collar thread is the same as a large motor spark plug
at 18 x 1.5mm
trebuchet0310 years ago
Proprietary :p You'll have to measure your rotary tool yourself to find out ;)
BoomGuy (author)  trebuchet0310 years ago
If I knew how I would.
BoomGuy (author)  BoomGuy10 years ago
Oops. Sorry, I missed your proprietary. My reply to that is, technically it's not proprietary ( legally it can't be proprietary ), practically it's not proprietary either ( like you said just buy one and measure it ). Not only is it not proprioetary, it's almost standard. I understand Dreml monkies around with the sizes of their high end models to put off competition, but I think that may not make much sense any more. If I bought a Dremel and either made a lot of tools for it, or bought a lot and then discovered they wouldn't work in the new Dremel I had bought to replace my old Dremel, I wouldn't get the new Dremel I'd get some brand that is tends to stay the same. There is a simple teat though to see if it is proprietary. Most tools that screw on are advertised as "fitting most rotary tools". The only exceptions are a few newer tools like Dremels, planar attachment and their jigsaw, which are limited to the XPR series. I don't think that's because they don't fit the collar of other tools, other tools don't have the needed power.
Hi I am also in the same boat trying to make accessories for my Dremel tool the collar has a thread TYPE UNS, (3/4" X 12 unified national special). But I am having problems to find a place to get a tap of that size if anyone has an idea where these taps and dies can be obtained it would be great. I know this is a very old post but maybe someone can help. Thanks.
McMaster-Carr Industrial Suppy is a good choice, if pricey. Are you sure your Dremel collar is really 3/4" diameter? That's as big as your index finger.
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