Rotating 2D into 3D

Playing around with making a 3D shape from layers of cardboard. This is a 2D image rotated 180 degrees and then built with 60 layers of laser-cut cardboard. Forgot to document this one so it's in the forum.

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sam11 years ago
That would look really nice, if it was made out of layers of Plexiglass, or Lexan. I suppose you just as easily make a mold in the same way, as long as you could seal the cardboard, and then pour it with castable resin, or liquefied abs, etc..
fungus amungus (author)  sam11 years ago
I have a few other designs I'm going to try out before I decide on dropping the cash for any acrylic. The total cost for this project was $2, the price of a new glue stick. It would be nice to have a more regulated material. Overall, this came out about 10% taller than I expected, skewing the dimensions a bit and stretching it out.
I think what sam is saying, is that it appears as though you could make a TON of money on this by fabricating prototypes, molds, sculptures, sundries, and miscellaneous artifacts for people, depending on the ongoing availability of your laser cutter.

If you're not aware of this yet, then maybe you could at least make it seem like you were.

Either way, the world thanks you for a great idea.

Keep up the good work! ;>)
fungus amungus (author)  Scrupulous11 years ago
I'm glad you think so much of it for a first try, but I'm really just experimenting with a new process. While I want to learn more about rapid prototyping, I'm ultimately less interested in the means than the ends. There are plenty of rapid prototyping shops out there already anyway. As for the access to the laser cutter, I view it as purely educational. The folks at Squid Labs are generous enough to let me use it for individual projects. If I wanted to use it for profit I'd have to look into getting my own and then some space to use it. After a few more projects I'll likely post an instructable on using it.
crapflinger11 years ago
where the hell do you people keep getting laser cutters?...if your laser cutter...were to say...accidentally fall into a box and ship itself to me...would your company pay for a replacement?
That's what I'M saying!

"Apparently sir, what we have is...someone was attempting to recreate their favorite Activision video game character, in all of its pixelated glory, and then revolve it 180 degrees out of cardboard, so that he could set it on his coffee table and use it for conversations, and subsequently shared this simple yet brilliant process with the world ("No Laser-Cutter Left Behind") when...suddenly, he stumbled on an insanely practical method for producing rapid prototypes.

Sir, we think it was unintentional, though. Should I call a Patent Ambulance, or just take down some information?"

By the way, if anyone else has ever tried this, they may as well provide proof of it now.
royalestel11 years ago
Good 'ole jumpman/pitfall harry . . .
fungus amungus (author)  royalestel11 years ago
I used to LOVE Jumpman. I still remember the level that starts out blacked out. So freakin' good it hurts. Your second guess is on the money, though.
trialex11 years ago
Nice one!

What did you use to 'create' the slices? We want to do a simmilar thing here at work, but the geometry would be more complex. We are trying to find a way to slice an arbitrary 3D shape into slices. There is some commercial software out there, RapidPRO, but it's outside the budget, and the demo won't allow printing.
fungus amungus (author)  trialex11 years ago
I did this with SketchUp. I'm using the full version, but I think you can do the same thing in the free version as well. You can export cross sections one by one to create the model.
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