i know this isn't totally PG13 but my friends are creating a sex toy for men and i was wondering if there are other folks in this community doing similar things. they aren't pervs or anything - just trying to do some cool design for a functional prototype :)

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istupid117 years ago
im tottaly fine with this beibg on here i here about at school every day and im only `14
LasVegas7 years ago
I wish your friends good luck, but this type of device have never been great sellers. The reason is than men, unlike women, tend to be more effected by visual stimuli than physical. In other words, a guy gets more out of seeing what's causing the feeling that the feelings themselves.
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starchy HamO7 years ago
um, i think your comment is what should not be posted here. 'ewww'? maybe let's have a label for adult toy ideas, so those of us who are normal adults with healthy sexual ideas and practices can trade instructables in peace.
lemonie7 years ago
Are you spamming for your friends at designcollective, or just spamming? L
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. LOL Let's see ... the pyrotechnic stuff on here can burn or kill you, the electical/electronic stuff can shock or kill you ... chronic use of the mentioned product _might_ result in a blister - never heard of it killing anyone. What's the big deal?
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first off that pic is a year old. second its supposed to make me look like a dumbass (im not tho) just for fun...third im 15 and fine with this thread...and most 15 year olds are
Gross or not; This is showing nothing obscene or destructive.
soufex7 years ago
ignore these sheltered people with the same if not more ignorance they show towards you, dude. in other news - sounds like a very interesting project. i'm afraid the only other things i've seen in your department, as it were, involve silicone and plaster of paris, nothing electrical written down. but good luck!
You seem to have joined instructables, with the sole purpose of telling us what your friends are doing. That seems very noble, but not very believable;-)

BTW: I think you are on to a winner here. You should market it as the Electric Donut. It will be a big hit with toothless policemen requiring a gum massage.


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Wouldn't a battery be better suited in the controller?