Rube Goldberg machines

I need construct a rube that has at least 4 different simple machines - no legos, marbleworks, mousetrap game parts, etc.... HELP.

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Hmm...This sounds almost exactly what is on the rubric for a Rube Goldberg at Westbrook Int. School. This does smell like a cover-up.
Kiteman8 years ago
I smell a homework assignment...
Ewwww....and it's gotten a bit overripe. I do think it's cool that I'bles has become a resource for students to join in order to complete these sorts of projects. It's a pity they don't know how to type queries into a search box.
cocoa611 (author)  kelseymh8 years ago
**** off - I am a single parent asking for some help. I don't go around building things, I am an accountant not an engineer. I do not even know where to start.
Your language use (hiding behind asterisks is irrelevant) isn't appropriate. My response also wasn't appropriate. I made an assumption based on far too many teen-age students posting "requests" essentially the same as yours (i.e., "here's my homework assignment, please somebody do it for me). I should have confirmed my assumption before posting my comment. Something as simple as "I need to help my (son/daughter) construct..." might have given the rest of us a clue that you weren't just a kid trying to take the easy way out. That is no excuse for my response, as I've said above, just a suggestion.
. IMNSHO, you were not out of line. Your assumption was perfectly reasonable and your remark barely rose to the level of "snide comment." A link to "Rube Goldberg +(contraption OR machine)" at Google may have been more appropriate, but what the heck.
Totally agree.
There's the way to get help! Cuss people out and go off on them all... Well, a good place to start is to know where you're going. Figure out a simple goal for the machine to accomplish (knocking something over, pushing a button, etc) , then work backwards from there.
Although I don't approve of the language use, the author was not responding for "no reason." I made assumptions (based on far too many analogous experiences here on I'bles), but my response was still not appropriate.
Do you suffer from high levels of stress? Try amusing yourself by 'playing' with household objects - don't aim to achieve anything, just fiddle with stuff - some idea will most likely occur to you in the process. (I doubt anyone has a ready-made plan for you to work from) L
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