Rube Goldberg style machine powered by mass transit

This quirky machine is powered by escalators and elevators in a subway station and has a few creative movements. The message may be a little simplistic and quaint (take THAT, Mr. MAN!), but it's a fun video to watch. It's slow-paced so be sure to stick it out to see everything that happens.

Untitled from mudlevel on Vimeo
via Wooster Collective

Picture of Rube Goldberg style machine powered by mass transit
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JerryMopar9 years ago
looks like a six-cylinder engine
Goodhart9 years ago
The ultimate underground Rube Goldberg :-)
woah, cool...
cool indeed
oh yes... very so...
Nice. But the diagonal elevator is really weird
Plasmana9 years ago
LOL! That is really impressive!
King Crab9 years ago
How completely unnecessary. Exactly why I love Rube Goldbergs.
Derin9 years ago
whoa tukaş in america!
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