Runescape vs. WoW

Is Runescape better than World of Warcraft? Runescape doesn't have to cost money, but WoW does. Get all acces on wow regardless of anything. runescape has limits if you Free to play (F2P). You decide... leave comments, argue or agree.

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Zulbrak1216 years ago
This is what time and energy played can get you, note it only took me a month to get what you see here and I have been playing since vanilla aka the first world of warcraft. This is a level 85 Blood elf paladin in retribution gear, I have a subscription to runescape as well and in my opinion I think wow is my favorite of the 2 accounts mainly because of the multitude of things I can do in game vs what I can do in runescape, yes wow is $15 a month but in everything you do you must pay to play or so the saying goes so why complain about the price when you can have fun. As for those that say this game is violent you are highly mistaken there is not even a drop of blood in this game that I have yet encountered so to say it is violent is untrue also on that note that doesn't make runescape any better because you still kill things on your quests so either way you look at it both games are essentially "violent" but yet I stand with wow being my preferred game of choice.
Laveeza9 years ago
This is what I say. WoW is waaayyyy better than Runescape. Runescape is good for like 8 year olds. But WoW is for a better experience. If you got an apple mac and play WoW it is AMAZING. Runescape sucks on graphics, and play. The size of one tiny town on Wow is the size of the whole of runescape. DONT DOWNLOAD WOW OF THE INTERNET, buy the discs instead, install on an iMac took me 4hours. My friend plays Runescape hes turned UBER UBER fat and has no proper mates anymore. FOR THE ALLIANCE :)
sghayur Laveeza6 years ago
I refuse to believe something from a person who games with a MAC
bli6 Laveeza6 years ago
agree alliance ftw... :)
My friend plays Runescape hes turned UBER UBER fat and has no proper mates anymore.
I'm not saying I like Runescape, but there are people who kill them selfs because of WoW.
Rosewaver8 years ago
I have to say Runescape is my preference. For people that say "Oh the graphics suck WOW has amazing graphics... blablabla", the Runescape graphics DO suck, but they get the job done. The download of Java took like 5 minutes for me to download, then I was ready to go. A friend of mine tried to download WoW- took her 13 hours. What's up with that? 
Runescape's also less expensive. If you want to be a member... all you have to do is pay 5 dollars. I think anyone could handle that. $30 for two months? ... no.
Also, Runescape is easier to play, and you don't have to make like 5 characters for different classes. All you need is one to get the job done. And I've heard people kill themselves over WoW... What the hell is up with that? O_o

Yeah. I prefer Runescape. Sorry, WoWers.
Deception9 years ago
this really sucks! i bought WoW today and a 60 day game card for it. installed it, put up my account and then i have to download the patches... apparently on my computer, it will take 13 hours to download ONE patch! WTF!!!! I cant leave it going over nite because my parents will go mad! DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS????? Please tell me if you do. All i need is a way to shorten the download time.
get a better comp?
ps, dont blame it on my internet speed because mine is on a business line and its much faster than the average households'.
Downloading from Blizzard has always been slow. For all of their games. Perhaps you should try to find an off site download.

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