Running a scanner tube off a car battery.

Inspired by this instructable, I want to make a car light, for a 3.3i car. I assume the battery is around 75+ Ah, and need to make sure if it is safe. The lamp runs perfectly at 12v, just would it burn out with all that Ah?

On another note, it's perfectly legal to have it on the front of my car right? If anything it'l help the police see my number plate, :D. I'm in the UK BTW.

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whatsisface10 years ago
Legally in the uk, the only light allowed to show from the front of the vehicle is white and the only light visible from the rear is allowed to be red.
Josho (author)  whatsisface10 years ago
Well thats good, the light is white. And also it's legal to be yellow and white from the rear. Indicators and reverse lights. Blue sidelights are legal. Anyway, about the electrical current?
lemonie Josho10 years ago
What kind of lamp is this, and how have you been running it perfectly @ 12V? L
NachoMahma10 years ago
. A battery cannot have too many Ah (amp-hours), nor can it have too much amperage capacity (cranking Amps, for a car battery), unless you have a short. As long as the voltage is correct, the device will pull only as many Amps as it needs. When the car is running, the voltage is likely to be in the 14V range. . As far as legality - I dunno.
Josho (author) 10 years ago
Anyone? I've just made a surround for it, with a tinfoil reflector.