Running applications.

 IF you want to run applications that are not enabled by defult, right-click and select 'run as administrator' that's it. it's that simple. you still can't install anything but you can play most games/ run most apps with this simple trick. Have fun =P

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I noticed today something unusual on the laptops. On a normal unhacked laptop (tested on a few), you can run any .exe that doesn't require admin. Another strange thing is that Windows Firewall is turned off (you can see in Action Centre), meaning that if you had your own wireless network (doesn't work with nswdet wifi; you can create ad-hoc networks in Windows 7) you can play multiplayer games with your friends. Everyone at my school is getting some error on login, so I'm assuming that you guys are getting this too? The department seems to have really stuffed up the network because group policies are messing up, including all the aforementioned "problems". I also can not access files in 'My Locker' that were created before some time early this year, showing an X on the icon. Anyone else getting stuff like that?

Now they enabled user account control on the DET Laptops. They also deleted some scripts of the DET server after the TSOs left.

I figured that they must have deleted scripts. I thought it must have been an accident or something.

Hi guys. I recently noticed that updated laptops will ask for a password to get into Startup Repair. Select the localuser account and use localuser for the password. I can't remember if there is any uppercase letters in the password.

I think it was localuser anyway. If it isn't, the password should be the same as the username.

HippoCrit3 years ago

I have made a program that tags along with the 32 bit Explorer to allow you to open any program you want on the 64 bit laptops, as you originally could. The way it works is, it opens my explorer.exe which I made, which is a program I wrote in Batch, and compiled with
Essentially, when you open a program with Explorer, it gives it the privileges to open other applications, which is where that Blue_Winter hack came from, which opened CMD so you could open stuff through that. I don't know Java, so I made another program which would re-open Explorer for us with Batch, and compiled it with the program up there ^ so it would be opened with the Original Explorer.

Here's the code if you want to compile it yourself:

Here is the download (Including Original Explorer):


mattdog7894 years ago
Hey guys there is a way to use the 32 bit explorer on the 2013 red laptops.

1.Put the explorer files in the same location as the exe you want to run.
2. Rename the exe to explorer
3. Run the explorer.jar
4. Open task manager, go to new task, type in explorer and press enter
5. Your desktop should load up and so will the exe.

I hope this helps but if someone has a 64 bit version of explorer.jar it would be epic :D
I have a copy of the 64-Bit explorer. Not the knock-off which allows you to run programs through command prompt, but a modified class file which replicates what the 32-bit Explorer does.
You have the 64-bit explorer class file, EdwardHeartsU?
If you do, I could swap it with the current file in explorer.jar as I had decompiled it but I'm not experienced in Java and JS is a far cry from Java.
You can contact me at, which redirects to from one of the older posts here.
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