Running motorbike on hydrogen

Where I've to connect the output of hho gas generator to my motorbike?

I've no experience in mechanics, but I know is very simple to connect the hydrogen gas output tube to some part of my motorbike to run the motorbike on hho. The question is... where?

If you answer to my that, I'll make an instructable about the process.

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FelixSP (author) 5 years ago
I know, but my motorbike is not electric. It's cheaper for my to build a hho system to prevent to buy fuel.

If I wanted to build an electric system I would need to change all the pieces of my motorbike, etc... too much work and money.
Kiteman FelixSP5 years ago
If you want to run it on hydrogen, you will also need to expend a similar amount of money and effort (or greater - platinum electrodes are expensive).

Another technical point - there is no such thing as "HHO". Electrolysing water produces two parts (by volume) hydrogen gas and one part oxygen gas.  That's H2 and O2.  No matter what device or process you use, that will always be the case.

I suggest you search this site for "electric motorbike" - there are quite a few well-explained methods that use relatively cheap components.
FelixSP (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
I was convinced HHO was much more cheaper than electric one.

I'm not sure if it's legal to turn my fossil fuel motorbike into an electric one.
Since I've to do big changes in the motorbike... maybe it could be illegal? I live in Europe.
Kiteman FelixSP5 years ago
In the UK, an electric motorbike would not have to pay road tax or congestion charges.

However, UK motorbike licenses come in several kinds, depending on the bike's engine capacity (and whether its top speed is governed in the lower-power bikes). I have a license which grants me fairly unrestricted use of a "scooter", defined as <50cc, but I have never been able to find any clarification on what the electric equivalent would be, despite several queries directed at UK authorities.
FelixSP (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
I will ask to the authorities here in the country I live to know if it's legal to do the conversion or not.
If I made it, I prefer to be sure that I spend the money and it won't cause problems.

Electric is much more better option than gas. Electric ones break less.
Kiteman FelixSP5 years ago
Hey, what a coincidence!

Check this:

Kiteman5 years ago
Basic physics: running the bike directly from the battery will be much more energy-efficient.

(Not to mention, much less likely to go *bang*...)
iceng Kiteman5 years ago