Russian DIY Car-to-Tank Conversion Kit

Use this handy dandy conversion kit and you can add some tank treads to your car! Holy smokes, this is gonna be the best thing ever for dominating the highway. The mileage will take a little bit of a hit, or a lot, but it must be worth it, right?


Picture of Russian DIY Car-to-Tank Conversion Kit
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jkelly196 years ago
What differential technology is being used. most tracked units in military use triple diff's
Regular diff can be used but steering can be problematic as hell..

Id love to know some thing about the tec side of this project. Was the axle taken from another production model,

might a torsen diff work better than a limited slip diff??

All very fascinating

regards john
Goodhart7 years ago
I would then vote that such "cars" would be charged ALL the expense of repairing any roads they traveled on ;-)  unless they were kept off road only. 

I would love to hear/see a copy of that script translated,  I thought I heard problema(?) at least 3 times 
I'll ask my Ukrainian friend on the weekend for you... just remind me or I might forget.
Ukrainian friend to the rescue!
I can say one thing for sure
there was no problem in anything
its pretty cool
translation slightly later, please pester me for it, because...well, assignment due tomorrow and ah...yeah, work>.<
Like that made sense. Lol k; pester pester pester pester pester.
Phew, that should do for 5 minutes!

By the way, there's an April Fools' Contest on at the moment, you interested?
I will most likely forget too ;-)
Well if he gets online tonight....
*frustrated face*
Well, I am SOOOORRRR-eee; I have a good memory, most times, but somethings just get crowded out, because of way too MUCH input, you know?  ;-) 
No no, frustrated face at him. I saw him but couldn't get online at the time. What is it now, 5 days? I'm lacking behind on my promises.
You might even be lagging behind  (sorry, couldn't resist ;-) 
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