Russian Steampunk Flash Drive

Here's a nice flash drive mod which seems to be accomplished by sticking ye olde standard flash drive inside a lot of other metal bits. OK, that sounds simple, but the results are quite nice. Check the link below for lots of build shots.

Link via bbgadgets

Picture of Russian Steampunk Flash Drive
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This is most definately my FAVORITE flash drive on this site!
sorvigolova7 years ago
Rissian military design, definitely.
Flumpkins8 years ago
I still can't figure out what steampunk is, but this looks insanely awesome!
Steampunk is modern technology dressed up to look like technology that was being produced about the time steam engines were state of the art.
 Remember the movie "20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea"? All the cool underwater gadgets? Mix brass gadgets, cool inventions, sometimes science fiction sometimes victorian period stuff ( a made up victorian period though one with gadgets) Think of time travel movies with cool time travel machines that go back in steam punk and click on the images tab :)
Steampunk is an antique-futuristic art style. Think of it as what people in the 1920's would have imagined what things would look like today.  Most electronics are made to look as if they are steam-powered with many gears and such. 

Just an easy explanation, it is a lot more than just that though.
Oh, okay. I think I might get it now :)
lemonie7 years ago
I thought that's be englishrussia, I also think I saw it already. A lot of good stuff there.

Doomog7 years ago
Do you rotate it to recede it into the housing? That'd be cool.
If they sold this in stores, I would buy one. this has to be the coolest USB drive I've ever seen.
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