S0lekill3r's Oodammo Shotbow Review

Here is my review for the Oodammo Shotbow by s0lekill3r: Power: 7/10, it could be more but the bands have to push two rams, not one. Range: 7/10, as above really. Looks: 9/10, it may not have been made for looks (I don't know)but it certainly looks great, especially in metallic pieces, like almost everything. Accuracy: 9/10, I doubt it could go higher seeing as it uses the special 'oodammo' but I've decided to leave room for improvement as a new kind of technique may be developed. Using just two green rods and a complete hinge you can make an accurate sight. Comfort: 5/10, the handle is a bit of a fail as it requires a broken piece in order to be more comfortable (blue connector). The firing pin 'tray' also goes into your thumb. Ease of use: 7/10, the ram is very easy to use and pull back but the loading technique is a bit confusing as you have to:- remove the ammo pushers, insert oodammo and get it in the grooves then place back the ammo pushers. All in all, I would rate it 8/10 but a definite build (once s0lekill3r has posted instructions), it's very fun to play with and can fire fast if you use it correctly. Good work s0lekill3r.

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Shotbow Ram.JPG
Oodammo x20.JPG
Shotbow Oodammo Rack.JPG
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will1237 years ago
DrWeird1178 years ago
Where are instructions for this?
TwistedParadox (author)  DrWeird1178 years ago
"once s0lekill3r has posted instructions"
How? They haven't been posted yet.
Relax. I was making a joke, stating that he was lying that he had previously said that they have not yet been posted. See?
Sarcasm is IMPOSSIBLE to notice on the internet.
Not all the time...
No, because you have no way of telling if someone is being sarcastic or is just genuinely stupid.

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