!!!!!!!!!!!!SAVE KNEX GUN BUILDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Knex Gun Builder is giving up knex forever. This saddens me greatly and I don't want such a wonderful builder, and such a wonderful member of this site to just walk away forever. Knex is such a wonderful thing and you can express your ideas through knex whether you are young or old.

If you want him to stay and keep his knex, LEAVE A COMMENT. NOW.

If we can  get 30 people to leave a comment saying they want him to stay, then, he will.
C'mon guys, be a part of this, and post the link to this topic on other's orange boards.

So far we have:


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WE SAVED HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 1. knex_master
 2. RC-1207SEV
 3. 182515
 4. axiys zx
 5. Shadowman39
 6. knexsuperbulderfreak
 7. knex_builder_freak
 8. Raikou-san
 9. smattman22 
10. tornado96
11. rec0n
12. stale56
13. Oblivitus
14. ninjusk
15. silentassasin21
16. cupcake43
17. leon0862
18. weirdo10112 
19. Dj Radio
20. Rock Solider 
21. Kiteman
22. assassin1321
23. megametal8
24. knexfan9182
25. Spycrab
26. dutchwarlord
27. The Jamalam
28. Physco Curtains
29. rofl495
30. The Dunkis
31. qwerty987
32. cj81499
33. Hector_27
34. Mykhailo doesn't want to be added to the list
34. sprout_less
35. Shadowninja31
36. bounty1012
37. webby427
38. Seleziona
39. knexgeek
40. geodez
41. i am awesome
42. knexguy

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christiangg5 years ago
He sold his K'nex.
mberg6 years ago
i know he's saved but still. i don't want him to leave
~KGB~ mberg6 years ago
Dont worry, i wont =D
mberg ~KGB~6 years ago
I know but still, I would never want you to leave.
~KGB~ mberg6 years ago
thanks =D
Tom1795xx6 years ago
~KGB~7 years ago
ok, then..................................... ILL STAY! thanks everyone, ive got some guns i might start soon, usp45 barrett 50 cal, and a f2000... thank you eveyone, ill keep my knex for another few years!!!
KnexFreek (author)  ~KGB~7 years ago


~KGB~ KnexFreek7 years ago
yup, ill get started on the barrett 50cal soon enough... thanks!!!
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