SEAR System

Can anyone explain how they work, and what else would be considered a NON-BLOCK TRIGGER.

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all i want is a simple easy way to make a firing mechanism for a crossbow im making
NachoMahma10 years ago
. Not sure this will apply to K'nex, but to see how the "big boys" do it, Google: sear +BAR -Sears -grill . or sear +M-16
ryan knexer10 years ago
it works that the firing pin is blocced by a sort of "thing" that it blocks from going and whenthe trigger is pulled the "thing spins or sumthing and the firing pin can go
drummer ian (author)  ryan knexer10 years ago
isn't that a block trigger?
go here
ryan knexer10 years ago
thats with a sear system