SF Pillow Fight - Valentine's Day

For those of you in they SF Bay Area, here's a chance to release some pent-up aggression this Thursday. Cut & pasted direct for your enjoyment:

Pillow Fight is being planned for 6pm on Valentine's Day (February
14th) at PeeWee Herman Plaza (at Market and Embarcadero). Wait until
the Ferry Building clock strikes 6!

Bring your own damned pillow.

1. You do tell everyone about PillowFight Club.
2. You do tell everyone about PillowFight Club.
3. If someone whines or has no pillow, you cannot hit them.
4. Everyone joins in the fight.
5. The one fight starts at the designated time - No earlier.
6. No tar, no heavy things in pillows.
7. PillowFights will go on until they're done.
8. If this is your first night at PillowFight Club, you have to get feathered.

Image from flickr user presta under Creative Commons license.

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Brennn109 years ago
Looks awesome! Man, us east coast junkies really do miss out!
Bran Brennn109 years ago
You can say that again!
canida (author)  Bran9 years ago
So, which one of you just volunteered to organize a pillow fight?
iman canida9 years ago
Any one in the Lancaster Ohio area say I !!!
Brennn10 iman9 years ago
I am in 45 minutes from a Lancaster. But it is in another state.
iman Brennn109 years ago
were do you live ?
Actually...... I did! I organized a pillow fight over night (Woo! That rhymes!) for Science Olmypiad. It was awesome - there were happy and vicious nerds and geeks everywhere, attacking other nerds with their pillowy doom! Instructable coming after Proj. X ;-)
Instructable coming after Proj. X ;-)

So never?
(Total bodycount ~ 30 awesome people)
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