I made a one piece knex gun. Pick up ANY knex peice, and throw it!!!!!! Lol this was just meant to be a joke.

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Saturn V7 years ago
My K'nex gun is the smallest. it doesn't have any pieces.
Louis XIV8 years ago
To be honest though, I can throw a piece of Knex further than most fire them, so it's not a bad idea ;)
Kiteman9 years ago
Machine-gun modification: throw lots, one after the other. Shotgun modification: throw lots, all at once. Illusionist modification: pretend to throw one, but really it's the Eiffel Tower. Pacifist modification: don't throw any Violent modification: throw it inside a clenched fist. Modification for minimalist artists: only throw black and white pieces. Emo modification: throw blood-stained pieces Surreal modification: throw a fish.
Chav mod: Throw a brick
chav mod v2: throw a burberry brick.
Chav mod v3: Throw a George Bush brick
chav mod v4: shoot a brick (basketball term)
Spam mod- throw a piece while having Kiteman comment and thus leading to others joining in. hey this game is fun.
Music mod : throw an MP3 player
italin mod: throw a meatball then a spagetti noodle then throw a bowl of marinara sauce then run like you have never ran before or if you like animals run like a spider monkey jacked up on mountain dew
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