=SMART= is full of high levels of Epic Win

=Smart= Recently won one of the Instructables competitons. He had alread won a t-shirt, and I had no t-shirt.

We're both good friends, and spend many hours talking as part of the chatroom crew.

He offered to send me the tshirt, which arrived today, complete with decorated envelope, and a custom etched tag.


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I am now afraid of you.
Hay lith you are pro !
Yeah! :-D I got a pm from Eric saying an anonymous user donated a pro account to me. :-O
I want to do this for someone - can you tell me how to do it? Do I write to Eric? How?
Send Eric or Christy a PM. Look at the About link at the bottom of every page, and click on their names to get to their I'ble profiles for PMing.
Thank you, that was easy. I thought he was like a god or something and you had to know him to write to him.
He bestrides the world like a Colossus.
Stuck in one place while passing sailors look up his skirt?
canida Kiteman8 years ago
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