If you have a soldering iron, or in my case a soldering station, tell me how you use it and what you make with it! I really need some new projects i'm all out of ideas. just another quick question, has anyone ever heard of a store called active? it is the best store in the world for electronics,tools, components etc.

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royalestel10 years ago
As for the soldering station. There are several good soldering instructables. My Soldering 101 instructable is about as basic as you can get.
royalestel10 years ago
Have you browsed I'm also still waiting for someone to get around to making an evil-cackle operated hand dryer. Ummmm . . . there was a fellow on here last week asking for help making a strip of LEDs that light up sequentially (like Knight Rider's "eye"). I was going to make that into an instructable until I received my robot create kit. That takes precedence. Anyhoo . . .
rickick (author)  royalestel10 years ago
i do not want to buy i want to make
Yeah I know. Check it.
4017B and a 555 perchance?
Brennn1010 years ago
Type in Active Electronics, you get their online site.
Brennn1010 years ago
This morning I am making my 5th Altoids 9V Charger. One Question: My charger isn't following directions from the "Minty Boost", am I still allowed to post it? I am done 4 currently and they all work great.
FN6410 years ago
Here's a great tutorial with vids etc on working on SMT stuff.

Kiteman10 years ago
Generally, what I make is a mess - I'm not skilled with a soldering iron. The last this I made was the 555 circuit from the Minty Beating Heart instructable - it will (eventually!) make a dragonfly twitch.
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