SOPMOD items for the knex M4

this are some pics of the sopmod items i made, so far i have: 1. foregrip 2. grenadelauncher (with special sight) 3. precision sight 4. backup sight the images are: 1: all the items 2: foregrip 3: precision sight 4: grenade launcher 5: on-gun grenade launcher 6: on-gun foregrip 7: on-gun precision sight 8: how you can hold the precision/normal sight on the gun when having the orther one mounted on it. 9: a view trough the precision sight. 10, 11, 12: the grenade launcher sight. 13: with the backup sight on it. 14: a view trough the backup sight. 15: the sight when being put up. 16: the sight when being put down. i still need to make the supressor, and then i'm going on to non-sopmod extras

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Skinner1839 years ago
bobbyk88110 years ago
put the flash on
altaria1993 (author)  bobbyk88110 years ago
then they would be overlighted, i'll make new pics this evening ;) alty
altaria1993 (author)  bobbyk88110 years ago
they couldn't be made because of some homework, hopefully will be up tonight :)
justavip10 years ago
sorry to rush you but can you post it soon like this week
altaria1993 (author)  justavip10 years ago
maybe this weekand, but i promise nothing, still working on a design for the supressor, then i'm going to post it :)
what is a supressor can you show me a pic of one
supressor is a silencer, it "suppreses" sound so its more silent, but in this case it wount do anything because its a knex gun, just looks kool
altaria1993 (author)  knex hater hater10 years ago
forgive me *laughs* still haven't got it, but pribably wont take much more time !
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