SPAZ-12 knex shotgun

this forum is about my spaz-12 knex shotgun it is pump action auto reload and true trigger

Picture of SPAZ-12 knex shotgun
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roberding6 years ago
oh ma god, u are all wrong da spaz 12 is the russian combat shotgun from call of duty black ops,and da spas 12 is an italian combat shotgun,they have very similar names,but they are NOT the same!!!!!!!!!
smidge14710 years ago
god damn it!!!! no pics remember no pics on clicks!
Why post if he has no pictures?? And anyway it is SPAS not SPAZ!
it could be spelled either way
Some spaz spelled it wrong, unless it is a Special Purpose Automatic Zhotgun.
It is semi auto though, correct? I know there are some full auto shotguns, like the JackHammer.
Well, it is a gas operated semi-automatic although to load the gun you have to pump the handle several times to get the ammo into some sort of inner magazine.
yes, I think that is in a game called Time Splitters 2. Or at least something like it.
... AA-12.
yes your right but in timesplitters its called a actical 12 gauge.
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